Under Construction

For my usual visitors, it is to be informed that I shall break the main focus of writing solely poetries and alike to develop yet another blogging experience, hopefully for future development.

I will still post my usual writing on and off. Thank you for your considerations and support. *bows*



Research Proposal In The Making

I’ve been busy with literature reviews and report for my coming dentistry research. Supposed to carry out a pilot study and a PowerPoint presentation by the end of this month. Hope everything goes well and I’d have some time or inspiration to write once in a while. 

Stay well and happy everyone😊


Up, up they go

If ideas could float and fly

They’d be free from mine

Where the sky is boundless

Upon the stars and among the clouds

I drew constellations of you every night

Down on earth and far away from thee

Little Fears

We all have some

Tucked behind our minds

Some lonely deserted doubt

Carefully stored by determination 

To not sway, confidence stood guard

Yet there are nights too cold

No chain could have tied fear down

We shudder at its creeping steps

On guard and cringing 

To hold the fort for as long 

As the battlefront came crashing in












I saw dark clouds rolling on my way to work

Wind sweeped when I was not aware

When the sunlight shone through the blinds

I pryed open to a sky blue horizon

Fluffed with white waves, clouds rolling row by row

It’s a good weather 

Wishing you’d have the same