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We choose what we decide

And accept what people could not

Even when doubt shines

Think like Atticus

Fight like Boo

Rhyme Mindlessly

Dickinson spoke the things with feather

My friend just asked of hopes and weather

A year has passed and days may fade

Dreams were made but none was sane

If I need to put a finger on

The views that I’d see in time to come

Money, fame or a person in tow

Let it be a mystery, for I need not to know

What If I am Never On Time

There is a time for everything

The professor said when I tried to ride a bicycle when I am not supposed to

There is a time to study

To work and play

To fall or step into love

Or by chance, our time never matched

We are late

Even for birth

In an era of connectivity where the Earth’s distance shrink

We thrive even harder for intimacy

Swipes faster and more

Stayed connected yet

Imagining thousands of options out there

If only things have a queuing number

At least you can estimate the waiting time