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动地鸣—— 如雷贯耳






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Inspirational Voids

I have waited for you to come

Between daydreams and breaks

Between wondering what ifs

And assumptions which may not even be true

Among the ruckus I made myself face

All the voices too loud to ignore

I hear too much of the world

Wishing I’d have silence to myself

Note: Reading a lot of novels, fanfic and binge-watching dramas for inspiration can be tiring😂🙈

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[Miss Sherlock Fanfic] Death

Episode 6 Aftermath

Sherlock looked into the mirror, holding a cotton bud with iodine to clean the laceration wound on her neck.

This scar will heal nicely.

“Sherlock, let me do it for you.” Wato walked into the room and sat on the handrest of her sofa, shifting her body sideways to see the wound more clearly.

“I’m still a doctor no matter how you see me.” Wato continued and took the cotton bud to clean the wound, “You don’t have to do everything by yourself.”

“It’s just a 2.5cm laceration. Nothing serious.” Sherlock raised her head to let Wato remove the clot and place a dressing despite the way she replied.

“Done. Just be sure not to wet the area for these few days.” Wato tapped Sherlock’s shoulder and stood up to leave.



“What do you think of death?”

Wato fell silent for a second by her question. But it doesn’t felt intimidating or rude, it just came of as something Sherlock would ask.

“Hmm…At first, it doesn’t felt real. Even when it happens at the hospital, postmortems were not something juniors would attend.” Wato slowly walked to the usual sofa across Sherlock and sat. “But it all changes in Syria, people die everyday. Too many that I’d lost count.”

“Wato, you don’t need to continue if you don’t want to.” Sherlock looked eagerly at Wato, wondering what she sees as she only stared at the bare coffee table.

“It’s ok. I think this is part of life. There is still so much to do as long as we are alive.” Wato ended and smiled at Sherlock. “But Sherlock won’t be much shaken isn’t it? By the way you look at all the corpse.”

“Well…A certain pair of coffin makes the earth shatter but that’s another story for another day.” Sherlock waved away and left her seat to move to her work station.

Wato’s gaze follow the companion, sensing something was a little off. She remembered the time when Takai-san cut his own carotid artery while Sherlock stood frozen still. Sherlock did not respond while she rushed to give compression.



“Why did you not move when Takai-san fell?”

Sherlock pouted, seems to be sunken in deep thoughts before she replied, “It was his death wish. I see no reason to save him…” She shifts from left to right in her rotating chair and continued, “Wato would not be able to understand.”

She stopped and drop dead silent after the remark.

“Neh, Sherlock. Why are you called Sherlock?”

But Sherlock seems to be focused on her work and had stopped registering her presence in the room. Figuring it is very late into the night, Wato got up and slowly slides out of the room.

Maybe someday, she’ll be able to talk about it herself.

Wato closes the door and creeps back to her room, not knowing an internal turmoil has just started in the mind of Sherlock.

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[Miss Sherlock Fanfic] Family

Episode 4 aftermath

“I’ll protect you, mom.” Daiki said proudly while he gave his mother a big hug.

Okaasan. Can’t remember when was the last time I said that. Did I sounded so childish too? Sherlock thought as she lay against the wall.

“Do you like kids now?” Wato sensed her soften composure and came to whisper behind her.

“Hate them.” Sherlock replied and walks off. Wato bowed and catches up to the striding steps of her companion. She smiled, shaking her head unbelievingly at Sherlock’s honesty.

“I bet you secretly have a soft spot for them.” Wato teases and continued, “I wonder what Kento-san would say when you were a kid. Must be amusing.”

“Ie…I’ll pass of as some weird child.” Sherlock looks beyond the slope, deep in her thoughts. The days when she had unsatisfied hunger with puzzles, rhymes and interesting facts, human was the last thing she would be interested in.

Wato didn’t know what got into her but she reached out and got hold of Sherlock’s wrist, “Is there…something wrong?”

Both frozen in their steps, Sherlock looks at Wato’s face. This concerned expression. Just like a mother. As if I’m her child.



“You have excessive empathy, Wato.” Sherlock said it as a matter of fact, “It’s dangerous.”

“Are you worried?” Wato said and watches her companion shift her gaze away. Tsundere?

Sherlock clears her throat. Wato can be surprisingly sharp in detecting emotions.

“Let’s go home.”

“Hai.” Wato replied with a cheerful ring.

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