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Not much positivity 

I’ve seen more nightmares

To be afraid of the dark

Where sweet dreams were rare

I’d hardly believe it, when I woke up

The hope lingers

And disappears by the next second

Without a trace

No proof, what so ever

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To cater the daily post

An itch

A trigger

A piece of blank paper

To join in the conversation 

Most that had been talking about themselves

We write and read what others written

An over-enthusiastic community

Chipping in whatever vocabs we have

Language is limited and limitless at the same time 

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Getting Over

This is not the worst thing that had happened to you in life so far. A mistake. A failure. Death and despair. Remember there will be more decades to go. Hopefully. So step back and see the whole picture.

What seems to be a mountain

Blocking all possible road

It is a mere view

Across this wide horizon