Half Done

I never felt so confused and disappointed by Hoshiai no Sora. A good original idea yet stopped in 12 episodes left the whole series hanging with tonnes of unresolved issues; which were planned to be answered if the series was to be completed.

I liked how the characters rely on each other and everyone chips in tiny chunk of bitter reality while they emmerse themselves in youth.

The art form and animation was commendable yet repetitive in terms of sports. The main focus of this was all about the drama but none was given a proper closure due to time constraint.

Was it a waste?

Maybe. Maybe not.

As far as an original series concern, the director can always pick it up as a different format now that the intro was done in animations.

With groundworks done, all he needs to do is finish the storytelling.



Someone taught me

When one fades or die, we place

Our honour into its grave

Dug up emotions

Better to make it two, one on your heart

Until there is a void to fill

Let them rest there

Cover it up with warmth

Sleep sound, you’d say

I’ll join you eventually