Goodnights to Your Morning

We are a Sun and Moon apart

Missing each other

Imagining what we’d look like



The Show Must Go On

If only the curtains would fall

A round of applause

For ourselves

Over the mundanes and struggles

As if life would give you a break

I descended a flight of stairs

Only to find another leading ahead


I had an important exam on early of May, which kept me occupied since early this year as I worked and studied throughout the days which I could and couldn’t.

Now that its all over (haven’t heard of the result just yet), I’m moving over to my research, which currently requires data entry and questionnaires to be sent and collect. I’d try not to imagine how hard it is to write the abstract and the whole research paper (just yet, sobs).

Not to mention I have some long-due anime series unwatched and tonnes of nintendo wii games to play in addition to my recent mobile legend gaming. I’ve since then lost a lot of my time for reading and writing.

Perhaps I should cut down on some games and get my momentum back. Until then, stay awesome everyone.

Yours truly,

Who still loves writing


So I stored away my dreams

Into a closet

For some time

Where I didn’t know why

I’d wish to get what I did not have

Until I was told

Even though I knew

What lay behind

My tears and runny nose would not stop

Whenever I’ve dusted upon my long lost dreams

Yet again


A sunny day

A sleep without accounting the hours one should or shouldn’t sleep

A day without worries or doubt

Mindfulness of others

While I stay awake when I dream

I hope in the days when it is worse

Even when we all fall and crumble

I live till the day I die


We all had our Mondays

The same job we had last week

Minor tweaks on Tuesdays

When I dreaded Wednesdays

Because there is still tomorrow

Before Friday, the thought of not seeing you for the next two days

I doubt the things I see

The reflection we all perceive

Never was the way we thought

Or wish it would be

In living my present

For a future as vivid as my imaginations

Will it be similar

With the world we’re going to make