Season of Rain

The monsoon is here.

It rains too often that weeds thrive. Roads developed potholes and traffic became worse after it. The umbrella in my car gets used more often than all the other months put together. Even through the tinted window of my workplace, the gloomy sky and rain looks the same when I stepped out of the building after work.

I sure miss the sun right now.

But on the bright side (not exactly sunny), nights are chilly and nice to wear a slightly thicker fluffy clothes due to the weather. Hot drinks and soup tasted better in this season.

Can’t wait to enjoy ice-cream once this is over.


Here, have a cup of tea and join me for the night. Plitter-platter rain dances to the music.


[JDrama] Unnatural

There is no sin in surviving

Forensics with a good character design. This is a nicely written series where I came to like even the cursing male protagonist. I am a fan of Ishihara Satomi (the main female protagonist) so I didn’t know the series did quite well when I started watching it.

The story progresses with different cases, revealing more of each main and side character’s belief, way of living and their histories. Overall pacing was well and even the way they depict the cases didn’t feel out. On par with CSI if I may say.

But the highlight of this series definitely goes to the supporting roles. All made a good complementary to the plotline. I even wrote a fanfic for this series (just one though, haha).

Recommended for people who likes the genre of crime, mystery, forensics and a good piece of humanity.


[Summer 2019] Given

Nice OST and insert song

The guitars were the things that piqued my interest. Luckily it was a short 11 episode series and truthfully nothing too cheesy for a shounen-ai tag.

It’s like first love for all the guys. Plus a few background stories that seems to add depth to the characters. I could totally imagine a “Nana” like manga series.

If you are a fan of band or just simply know Nana or Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, then this is surely a recommended choice. Otherwise, unless you are opened to slice of life, romance with a tinge of music and boys love, then give it a try.

The worse you can do is drop it. XD


Spoiler song ahead:


Everyone shone

Just like everyone else

Despite the distance

As long as you could see

Take notice of the light years

It took to get to you

Even if it only blinks

In pitch dark, all the clearer