Gathering Dusts

Cough, cough

A key clicked

Door creaking open

While the sun shone in

Dusts dances in the light

Everything felt ancient again

Untouched and gathered memories

Of once were and used to be

Hush, as I blow

A breathe of life

Into words and blank papers

My first and last love


Uninvited Guest

I have been a fool

Tending to my garden

Stretching their welcoming arms

Trimmed and made way to a warm house

Whose door stays unlock and light

Lit early till dawn

A soft couch facing a cracking fireplace

Chill and windy upon summer’s open window

I sit and wander spring and fall

As the leaves took life and swept away

By tumbling steps of people

In serving sore feet, hunger be satisfied

Weary souls shall beg for more

(As I do the same)

Offering what we own and nothing more

People live and stayed there

And some I dread more

Occupants, I do hope they oblige

Leave no harm to my home

Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[Korean Drama] Her Private Life

Western-ish Korean romance of K-pop fan girl and their art museum setting.

Spoilers below!

Romance drama in Korean tends to tick the boxes, from fighting to loving people, cheesy words and act of service, this is a story of art curator Deok Mi and her life in pursuing her idol Cha Si An.

As you could expect, her initial under cover fan girling and a good mixture of art museum background was surprisingly nice together. A plus point for the aesthetic of this drama, actors and the visual of the series looks warm yet vivid.

And then there is the museum director Ryan Gold, adopted Korean which had a history of being abandoned and currently a US citizen. His obsession with a bubble drawing and coincidental Cha Si An flight landing brings more ‘fateful meeting’ to our female protagonist Sung Deok Mi.

They have more daring make out scenes, thus the more American style. If you are looking for a romance drama and likes to watch western dramas, this might feel more at home than other Korean dramas.

It was a well set story. Predictable yet still satisfying to watch. The side characters were not wasted and added some flares to the overall feeling.

Relatable K-pop fans and recommended for people that loves romance.









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