The End of The Day

An orange ring

Sets down with lines

Of pink and purple

It dips into the ocean

Bringing light with them

Across red and maroon

We sat and wait till it disappears

With darkness, houses lit up

Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[Korean Drama] The Crowned Clown

Spoiler alert! Unless I can hold my tongue, haha

I have always liked old school palace political dramas. Hong Kong dramas were the pioneer of such dramas and girl fights are as entertaining as war movies.

As the title suggests, this is a drama of a King with his substitute. Starting off with a constant rebellion and fear, the main protagonist tries to survive and gets into junkie mode.

Out comes the clown with the exact same face, it was fun to see the same actor with different personas. The writers had a distinct idea of the characters so the story and idea flows well. Actors were nice picks and I even liked how the bad guy with the beard can make you hate him and yet praise him for being a scary minister.

The best man Minister Lee which takes care of the King and the cute Eunuch Cho was another highlight of this show at the first quarter.

Proper tactics and palace dramas of three quarters of the drama was nice. However, the last part felt dragged out with romance fillers of the clown king and his now admittedly Queen.

Righteous low status King and part of the writer’s script was decent until the part the Queen had to make her stance. I do wished it was less cheesy and she did not made the choice by love. A feminist that puts the country first would be nicer but I can’t be that picky. I’m not those who likes Korean romance, but some are still bearable.

My drama rating: 7.5/10. Just because I’d like to write the script a bit different. Recommended for those who wants drama with a tinge (cringe worthy) of romance.



There were shreds of my soul

Willingly given away


Taken and not returned

For whom it may serve its worth

Does what I have left could still shine

Remain whole and selfless

In poetries and between lines

Among stars that had fallen from the sky


I live in solitude while she put herself back again