Under Construction

For my usual visitors, it is to be informed that I shall break the main focus of writing solely poetries and alike to develop yet another blogging experience, hopefully for future development.

I will still post my usual writing on and off. Thank you for your considerations and support. *bows*



I was reading

Sitting in another world when you came

Crashing and tearing through the walls

Just to ask me out

Which until today, I still cannot decide

Was it good or bad

Now that you’re gone

Meteor Shower

Astrologists predicted Perseids

At the wee hour

Crashing to all the wishes the Earth makes

Some stayed awake for a dream

While others dream in their sleep

The night is dark yet hopeful

Of glimmering wishes


It is the penny, left after grocery shopping

It is the pass after a failed grade

A peaceful night sleep till sunrise

Without the rush to go anywhere

It the blissful realization that my life is good

Even with imperfections 

I am glee

If I were to Forget

The way you called my name

The times you spoke of me with pride

I almost forgot how your cigarettes burn

Or the beers with an alcoholic stench

And even when the car is still there

It doesn’t drove the way like you

Or tell me things that I could almost hear you say

Work hard and life would pay out