Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[Summer 2009] Summer Wars



This is a movie of a boy Kenji that was invited by his senior, Natsuki as her part timer boyfriend on her trip back to her hometown. From the sight of her huge household,you can expect a whole level of family unity as they face a terrible artificial intelligent running amok in OZ (a virtual world connected by internet). While they try to stop the AI before it causes more destruction to their reality, the head of the household is something you should look out for.

It’s a movie under 2 hours so feel free to watch it on a relaxing weekend. This is more of a family orientated animation so feel free to watch it with your siblings or even parents. The strong point of this story, other than the animation and vivid characters, it will make you want to root for them even though you do not know any of the words or what it meant.

Recommended for those who liked Studio Ghibli movies but yet not into anime series, some examples include Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. May you have a fun summer as I am =D

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