[Event] Penang Anime Matsuri 2017

Come and find your waifu– quote by keychain seller

I attended PAM 2017 this morning, reaching around 8.15am. There were no ticket queue but quite a long queue for entry. I bought a RM15 day ticket and waited around 10 minutes pass 9 to enter. 

The crowd was not that bad till around 11 and I managed to walk around the exhibition area a few times before leaving at 12. 

There are still lots of merchandises that I didn’t manage to take pictures of like the pillow, bolster, touch n go sticker, tumbler, figurines and the popular AFA shop.

Cosplayers were among us other than the designated corner by Canon Camera where they let you take a picture with them. 

Overall, it was a nice experience other than the last hour where it becomes too hard to walk around or look at some merchandise. 

Recommended only for those who are patience and truly interested in anime. Main focus of goods and the audience is still more on guys so be warned that it doesn’t smell good with lots of sweaty guys around. XD


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