[Event] Penang Bon Odori 2017


So Bon Odori has been an annual event, originally held at another venue but relocated due to renovation. It is an outdoor car park adjacent to a shopping mall called Queensbay Mall.

The good thing about it is that we could park at the multi-level car park and have an air-conditioned environment to run to before and after the event. A big disadvantage is that the venue for Bon Odori was all sand and rocks, making it difficult to walk around.

Stalls such as sushi king, drinks, goldfish scooping and balloon fishing was seen but requires coupon for purchase. Related japanese food and goods are not too common so it is not too attracting as we walked pass some amount of visitors in yukata.

On the main stage, performances such as yosakoi dance by two different middle school with japanese language class and a medley dance by a cosplay fanclub were part of the act. As for performers from Japan, a company called DDC from Aichi prefacture flew all the way to Penang for their dance with fan, paper umbrella and large flags, presenting three songs. Instrumental performance by an English foreigner and a group of elderly presented three songs,one of it as ‘Rasa Sayang’ and another classic jpop song which I could not name.

In between, they had tutorial and practice run for the bon odori dance with the public. You can see the leading group are all dressed up in a variety of yukata and the dance move are simple to follow, repeating in similar pattern. The whole sequence of performances were repeated to face another direction before ending at 10pm with a firework display in the end.

All in all, there are still a lot of improvement to be made. For first timers, it was still a good exposure and experience. As for going to the event for the second time, maybe you can consider twice. XP




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