Killing Eve Season 2 Review

Spoilers ahead! You have been warned.

The actors were still good but the plot was a bit sloppy in season 2. Despite the fact that they end season 1 with Eve stabbing Villanelle, Eve’s mental turmoil was predictable and acceptable at the very least.

Season 2 started slow, with Villanelle weak and even went as far as calling Eve in MI6, you were made to believe that even she have the feeling of fear and would need someone’s help.

Eve’s falling apart and realizing herself along the dark psycho ‘path’ was good as it is, with an additional Niko drop off and Villanelle’s confrontation at Oxford. But the intro of a new assassin ‘The Ghost’ fell flat at the idea of another association. The plot was weak at this point but kept alive by the actresses’ performance.

Carolyn and Constantine’s collaboration made me speculate that other than MI6 and The Twelve, Carolyn would need more purpose than being in MI6 alone to push both Eve and Villanelle to kill Aaron Peel. The old-school tactic of ‘I told you not to kill but expected you otherwise’ was quite obvious midway.

Predictable but nice, I liked the ending of Eve going to Villanelle when she accidentally said the safe word. (Weird-looking gentleman was teasing us, thinking that her cover was busted) The whole push of making Eve kill Raymond was good and eventually along the escape, both Eve and the viewers were reminded that Villanelle is still a psychopath, unable to feel and manipulative. It ended with a ‘bang’ (literally), but hey, I kinda wish Villanelle misses the vital organs on purpose just to tease her. And to have Eve seeing it through and still goes after her, nothing substantial will come to this cat-mouse relationship unless one of them goes over the other side.

Season 3 still leaves good space and hopefully more plot development. A more decent handler/assassin other than the probable exit of Constantine and more background on The Twelve and Carolyn’s motive would be interesting to ponder from Eve’s perspective.

As for Villanelle? She may have maxed out her potential and needed a light touch of humanity in her psychopath behaviors to stay in the game.

My personal wish? Eve should get better and sharper at finding, identifying and smoking out assassins. Let her be a bigger threat than now and more control over her games. Show and solve The Twelve mystery; Add more killer to the group and make Villanelle kill off her competition for a final showdown with Eve.