Brand New Day

Three hundred and sixty five

New blank pages to be written

With work and play

Jolly once a day

Neither meaningful nor meaningless

The value of each day

Is living and remembering

Citing proof as we go

Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[Fall 2019] Beastars

Defy and embrace instinct

After Dr Stone, I think the continuation of serious toned anime really brings down the atmosphere at times.

Beastars is an anime which depicts the society of herbivores and carnivores trying hard to resist premitive instinct while struggling to accept who they are.

Was it wrong? What changes do they want? Was it anger or fear?

This series truly set itself apart with the CG animations; one which doesn’t seem awkward and even brings out the character more than anything else.

Legoshi the wolf and Haru the rabbit, each have their own dark past and motivation gave a good starting point to the series: can they be close without the relationship of a predator and prey?

Nothing was clear cut and no character was replaceable. Each voice in the story shows a small part of humanity, between tolerance, honesty, sarcasm, bullying and even the good guy character in every circle, society could not shy away from the harsh reality while they live on.

There were good questions and acceptable answers. I believe there will be more to see in Beastars, going to the root of problem and getting our main protagonist to embrace adulthood.

Recommended for those who likes deep stories.

Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[JMovie] Kohi ga Samenai Uchi ni

Present is a present.

The freedom we gained within the periphery of limitations is the best.

A mysterious cafe which can get you into the past (and future), is a good depiction of the things we look forward (and backwards).

This feels like “Time Traveller’s Wife”. But of course it’s a feeling, not the settings.

I can’t seem to find the translated novel online so I end up with the movie instead. Every small arc and the whole storyline fits well as a story. Each character with their own motivation and resolve were nice to see. A plus when logic fits with emotions.

Without spoiling the story, do give it a try if your choice of drama is similar to mine.

Before the coffee gets cold, dozo.