Words matter

Where we put down preciously

Not of what you ate

But how you’ve been

Carried by stamps and envelopes

Things we wished to know

In exchange of who we are

Another person to talk to

Seemingly extinct, to the fast paced world


TV Guide and My Childhood

There was a time when I was small, we used to flip the newspaper pages in search of the TV program. Eyeing the time and channel, those were the days when we run during commercial breaks for snacks and shouts for our siblings to gather when the show starts.

It was more of a routine once we settled down to a few drama. All of us would sit in the living room, snuggled up in our own spot while the show runs for an hour or so.

Occasionally, we would watch some movie and stayed up late to finish it. Unlike the modern age where we could all watch whatever we prefer, we used to choose a program where all of us could watch (but of course the news time was off limit for our parents to get updates of the latest news, TV remote control was once of the things we often find).

Netflix and live sports channel were a luxury back then so we used to wake up early to catch some cartoon; follow shows like Survivor or series like Gilmore Girls on the TV. When there were nothing interesting on, one of us would flip through all the channels and settled for one (siblings quarrels included).

Having such inconvenience were the reasons why we had more bonding in our family, getting our quality time easier than nowadays where all of us would be with our own phone.

Between the idea of old school style television and online streaming Netflix boom, I’d say I don’t hate the later idea either. XP



I like how the pages change

Subtle lines

Cracked edge and patterns

As I skid through

Jumped across

And ran as fast as I could

Like a child running on a vast field

A horizon stretched

As far as one could see

Unveiling yet a further sunset

Beyond what I could see now

I sprint hard

Faster, I tell my legs

Cramping up as I breath heavily

For air, for life

For another chance to be heard

To be seen and to be alive

To complete one

Which seems to be no end

Of a marathon

I could not give up

Just yet


My Sunshine

I never knew I would somehow forget

The way I felt and would articulate

Long after it has left me

More of myself went missing

If not given away

I made rainbows upon rain

Yet never without you

My happiness and content