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[Burnout Syndrome] Fly High!!

99% hard work


This is an opening song from the sports anime series Haikyuu of season two. If you had seen the series, you must have known this song as the animation with the opening was an eye-opener for a very cinematic and fluid animation of volleyball.

The overall tune is very upbeat so its very suitable if you want a pick-me-up song early in the morning or before you start your routine revision. This is my personal favorite from the series ;P

Hype up and pump your adrenaline!


Check out the lyrics below:

AniSong / OST

[Hiroyuki Sawano] aLIEz

Even cowards have a voice


This song is the 2nd ending from the anime series Aldnoah Zero [Summer 2014]. I personally like the whole sound and vibe before I knew any of the lyrics and meaning.

Recommended for night time listening when you felt like pulling an all-nighter. Let this be your cheerleader. Gambateh and fighting~!!!

Below is the link to animelyrics for the romanji and translation lyrics:


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AniSong / OST

[Porter Robinson & Madeon] Shelter

I know that words are not enough


This song, ‘Shelter’ started as a song by Porter Robinson and Madeon was given an animation production by A-1 pictures, telling a tale of a young girl named Rin living in a virtual reality.

I’m not going to give any spoiler so if you have 6 minutes to spare, kindly click on the video above for a chance. For one, I myself think that the feeling and memories were worth it.