[Kalafina Fanfic] To Be Continued

Keiko stared quietly onto her laptop screen. Her patent application reply from Shimosaka and Matsuda law firm had confirmed their submission. Her heart sank in the thoughts of this management turmoil as Wakana and Hikaru wait in patience. All three of them have yet to receive any new job, recording or meet-ups ever since her official exit from Kalafina.

The orange sunset forms a glitter beyond a building opposite of the coffee shop she was sitting in. “I should go and take a breather,” Keiko said to herself as she took off her pair of glasses.

Remembering her last conversation with the rest of the girls, it was on 2nd July where Hikaru had her birthday back in her hometown. Keiko packs her things into her bag and swings out of the cafe into the hot evening sun.


–pa pa      pa pa     pa      pa ja ma ja ma ja ma–


Hikaru opens her eyes, catching a glimpse of the clock beside her bed. I can still sleep a bit more, I guess. It was 5.30pm, Hikaru had slept for quite some time with her schedules all free since the last of Kalafina’s live. Reality did not hit her hard or as real as Kalafina went into a blank phase.

“Okiro, Hi-chan~”, as if she could hear the voice of Wakana in her usual tone, Hikaru drags herself up to change and decided to leave the building. Maybe staying indoors for too long makes me weird.

Hikaru, now in her sweat pants and a simple round neck t-shirt began to walk to a park near her house. Planning to at least get some fresh air, she plugs onto her phone’s playlist and began to walk.


Hikaru felt a deep sense of nostalgic upon the song. It was the first song she sang as a member of Kalafina, which used to be full of uncertainties now was sang in a determined tone. She walked along the jogging path of the park, now starting to be filled with people just after work and school.

“Keiko?”, A familiar long black hair figure appears at a distance but Hikaru could not believe her eyes, “masaka..” Yet, by the pace of her running, Hikaru would never dreamed of catching up to her. Slowly and eventually, Hikaru went and sat on a bench, losing herself into the world of Kajiura’s music.

“Hi—chan!” A sudden touch on the shoulder shatters Hikaru’s concentration and dragged her straight into reality. That familiar face, smile and her shining eyes were the last thing she’d thought she would see.

“Why so quiet all of a sudden? Don’t you miss me?” Keiko laughs and teased her while she took off her earphones.

“Ie, I’m just surprised that I could see you so soon, that’s all.” Hikaru replied with a wry smile.

“I bet you are thinking too pessimist right now.” Keiko sat beside Hikaru and pat her head softly, “It’s not good to make me worry about you, you know.” Silence dropped as the sun sets far west into the horizon.



“I’ll try my best,okay? So…you must do your best too.”


For as long as one could worry, nothing works better than getting your hands into work. I’ll go to the recording company tomorrow for some self-practice time, yossshh, ikuzo Hikaru.

“Let’s call Wakana and give her a surprise!” Hikaru grinned and swept all her doubts under the carpet. Keiko took out her phone and called Wakana, as the ringing tone beeps, she reminds herself to protect them as best as she could.


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[Kalafina Fanfic] To The Beginning

A decade of memories

While the sound of applause still flooding the stadium, Hikaru stepped into the back stage and stood along side Keiko, repeating thanks to all the live band members. Ten years. What a journey it has been, thought Hikaru.

As Wakana joined them for the last call, a sense of accomplishment filled their hearts. The threesome bowed and walked into their changing room.

“Otsukare”, said Keiko while she exchanges glance from Hikaru to Wakana, both looking stunning in their white dress. Wakana looked hard into her eyes, tears filled to the brim and fell down her cheeks while still having a smile on her face.

“Wakana…”, Keiko held her shoulder and said, “hoora, you’re making Hi-chan cry too..”

Hikaru, ashamed of her tears, hides her face behind her hands. This might just be the last time we would be together, thinking that Keiko would soon leave Kalafina following Yuki Kajiura-san’s departure, she could not depress all the sad emotions welling up.

“Hey..”, Keiko reached for Hikaru’s hand and squeeze, “we’ll do this again, I promise.”

“Well don’t jinx it, Keiko.” Wakana replied as she wipes her tears with a tissue passed to her by the staffs, “We would stay well together, neh Hi-chan.”

Hikaru felt Wakana’s arm wrapping around her shoulder, rubbing softly on her right. While Hikaru is still lost in her thoughts, not knowing what to say, Keiko tugged them closer to each other and whispers, “I’ll never forget all the times we had together, arigatou neh, Wakana, Hi-chan.”

Hikaru nods in reply and said, “Matta hajimaru yo ne, ii no imi de.” (Let’s begin again, in a good way)  

Notes: Kalafina 10th anniversary in Nippon Budoukan, Keiko announced her departure from Space Craft following Yuki Kajiura. Currently the company announced that the remaining two members will continue their activities, but no future plan had been made yet.

[Nogizaka46 Fanfic] When the Cicadas Cry

Vollbildaufzeichnung 04.07.2014 232337
Alternate Universe WakaRei

Ice cream melts at such a speed that you’d need to keep up as it losses its shape. This was those kind of summer.


Wakatsuki Yumi sat in front of the convenient shop, sucking down on the popsicle after a hard practice at the archery club. The orange hue of the setting sun was mezmerizing.


“Yumi,” Sakurai Reika suddenly jumped in front of her, blocking her view, “What are you day dreaming of? You didn’t even notice me when I was waving at you.”


“Reika,” Wakatsuki bite off a chunk from her popsicle and continued, “Oh, its nothing. I guess I was too tired to think.”


“I know you are working hard for the upcoming archery competition but do remember not to stress yourself, Yumi.” Sakurai-san sat beside her, resting her bag on her lap.


“So you just finished your work in the Student Council?”




Sakurai Reika took a quick bite at Wakatsuki’s popsicle while holding her hair away with her right hand.


“Reika~I was going to eat it you know…”


“But it was melting and I thought it will dirty your uniform if I don’t. Moh…” Reika answered with a smile and gave a fake angry face.


“Oh whatever.” Wakatsuki Yumi ignored her and took the last bite of her popsicle.


Reika the president of the Student Council felt her face turning beet red so she turned away to hide it.


Indirect kiss. *flustered*


“Ja, I’ll see you tomorrow then Reika.” Wakatsuki threw the stick into a rubbish bin and stood up to leave.


Just when Reika thought she had left, Wakatsuki turned around and said, “You owe me a bite of your ice cream ya!” She smiled and left the blushing Reika in her seat.


I wish this summer never ends…

[Nogizaka46 Fanfic] Her Reply



Seira: Nanase is so lovable I’d like to kiss her.


Nanase: *smiles shyly*


Reporter: And you did! During the live, Nanase’s fans were envious of you.


Seira: I did. *chuckles* With Nanase’s approval of course, though I was uncertain until the last second I thought she might just slip away. Nanase is a deity being already in my heart. *smiles*


Reporter: And Nanase surprised us by kissing back!


Nanase: *shakes her head and smiles* Because Seirarin is cute too.


Seira: *heart melts*


Reporter: Ahh~ Another Nanase love attack! For all the people out there, this is Nogizaka46 live. Over and out!




Writer’s note: Oh please don’t mind me, I’m just fooling around. XD



[You Are Under Arrest Fanfic] Beside You

You Are Under Arrest: Natsumi x Miyuki

“Natsumi!” Kobayakawa Miyuki called as soon as she opens the door into the hospital room 134. A familiar figure sat propped up with a pillow, her right arm fixated and slung across her chest.


“What’s the matter, Miyuki?” Tsujimoto Natsumi asked gently with a weak smile, half expecting a harsh scolding from her ex-partner in Bokuto station. They used to be a pair but since Natsumi was transferred to the headquaters Miyuki has never came to visit other than their occasional phone calls.


“How could you not tell me when something this big happens?!” Miyuki rushed towards her with a serious expression, her hands immediately reached for her collars and tighten to a grasp. “I was so worried when I heard it from the others that I…” Miyuki stopped abruptly, her voice trembled and slightly breathless.


“Gomen.” Natsumi looked away, her expression turned sour but could not ignore the trembling hands still clutching her clothes. “I should have been more careful.”


“You’re sorry?!” Miyuki asked with a demanding tone, “You could have killed yourself!” Her voice peaked and you could have swore others could hear it echoes. Natsumi has never seen Miyuki so upset and angry, even with all the mess she causes, nothing near this. There was a terrorist attack in Tokyo and Natsumi was in it, with gun fires and explosions. The injury and death count were still raising as rescues continue after they managed to supress the attack. Unfortunately all were resolved to shot upon sight.


With a heavy heart, Natsumi lifted her left hand and touches Miyuki’s trembling hands. “Please, don’t act like this… I’m sorry our long last reunion is under such situation.” It breaks my heart to see you like this.


“You don’t understand at all do you, Natsumi?” Miyuki finally relaxes her hands and dropped to sit on her bed beside her. She could feel her eyes welling up. “I was so worried I never had such a hard time in my life, not even when I knew me and Nakajima could never be together.”


Tears started to flow and drops on Natsumi’s blanket.


“Miyuki. Miyuki?” Natsumi bends forward to touch her shoulder, eyeing Miyuki’s crying face. “Hey, I was extremely lucky to survive with such minor injury.” Natsumi tried to cheer Miyuki up, wringling her body in a funny manner.


It took Natsumi by surprise when Miyuki suddenly lunged forward and wrapped her in her embrace. Pain shot through her shoulder where she had a fracture but she clenched, unwilling to break such moment. This warmth. This scent. This frail yet strong arms…


“I don’t ever want to…lose you… Not anymore…” Miyuki said sobbing, “I love you Natsumi. More than I ever imagined. More hurtful to know you are doing well so far away that I could never said this out loud…But it was too hard…to swallow up this feeling, I…”


Never realize. Natsumi thought the same.


There was a moment of silence and pain began building up in Natsumi’s shoulder. But there was a greater pain in her chest.


“Miyuki, I…” Natsumi said yet hesitated. “I loved you even before I could bring myself to admit it.”


“And I still do.”


Natsumi’s word hovered in Miyuki’s thought that she loosens her arm, looking very surprised.


Natsumi could not help but had a pained expression on her face. Ahh, now I did it…I really said it. This secret that I should not have confess to.


As if Miyuki was stroke by another thought, she smiled and brought her lips to Natsumi’s. Soft, gentle and yet with a strong resolve. Just like the Miyuki I know.


And Natsumi kissed back like she never would, her heart screaming her pent-up confessions over and over again in her mind.


[Nogizaka46 Fanfic] Belated Christmas Request


Wakatsuki Yumi was invited to Sakurai Reika’s house in Tokyo after Nama Idol programme since they did not have any free time to be together other than exchanging a few gestures during work.


Wakatsuki wore a simple white long sleeve and black trousers under her coat, arrived in front of Sakurai’s apartment. Just before she had a chance to push the door bell, the door clicked and Reika appeared, smiling sheepishly.


“What’s with that face? Moh…” Wakatsuki replied, sensing the teasing atmosphere.


“Oh nothing, I just watched the broadcast and Yumi was so cute!” Reika said brightly as Wakatsuki enters, removing her coat and sling bag.






“Ahh…I don’t know what I should do with you.” Wakatsuki shakes her head and surrendered. Her apartment entrance was the same as she remembered, with neatly arranged shoes along the corridor and a pair of white fluffy slippers for her. Reika is being Reika as usual.


Reika noticing her outfit of the day could not help but jumped at her from behind, embracing her with a huge back hug. “Yumi.”


“Hey, what’s so sudden.” Wakatsuki half turned to see Reika’s face half burried on her left shoulder. “I just came from outside so don’t cling to me so much, you’ll get cold you know.”


“I don’t care.” Reika answered in a low mumble, “We missed this year’s Christmas together.”


“Eh? But I called you didn’t I? We even chatted during Christmas Eve.”


“That’s not the same.” Reika continued, “I want to be able to touch you. Not just hearing your voice.” The seriousness in her voice made Wakatsuki a bit flustered.




“Promise me to stay for the night.” Reika gave Yumi a squeeze, “In return…I’ll…present myself to you.”


The sentence dropped like a bomb and both blushed. Sakurai understood that she never confessed in such a serious manner but she could never forget what Wakatsuki has said back then.




“Ie…Zenzen,” Wakatsuki shakes her head and hugs Reika’s arm which is around her chest. “I’d be glad to.”



[Nogizaka46 Fanfic] Voice Message

Nagashima Seira and Nakamoto Himeka

Please leave a message after the beep.




Moshi moshi Seira, this is Himeka. I know you will be busy with all the staff meeting for your graduation. I promise I will not be selfish and hope for you to be here with me for all the dances; I will not be less confident without you guiding us undergirls; I will not feel weak without your voice in harmony with mine; and I will not be less expressive in Nogibingo or Koujichuu.


Dakara…Please let me be your imouto forever. Onee-chan daisuki!




Sotsugio shinai de kudasai…..*tears*


[SKE48 Fanfic] It’s a Date! (Not)

WMatsui aka JuriRena

Mastui Rena sat in a room she reserved for dinner, apparently in a yakiniku shop. As soon as she looks down to her wrist, the sound of the slide door attracts her attention.


“Have you just grown thinner, Jurina?” Rena blurted as soon as she caught sight of this mature adolescent smiling sheepishly while allowing herself into the room.


“Moh~ Rena-san, I believe you are eating your meals properly. No more excessive melon bun huh.” Jurina replied with her flat lips. This girl sitting across Rena was dressed in a white wool sweater and a simple trousers to give a natural look. But there was something different about Jurina. Rena could not pin point what it was.


A waiter comes in and took their orders, mainly meat and some vegetable to top off. “And why are we in a yakiniku shop when you are not into meat, Rena-san?” Jurina teased and heaves a thick mutton onto the sizzling plate.


“Jurina. You are working too hard these days that I have planned to just ruin your diet!” Rena replied with an evil smile and put another slice onto the plate.


“We can always go to a more decent shop, you know. It’s not that I would complain.” Jurina said. “By the way you have such a tan, Rena-san. Being train otaku is hard work too huh.”


“Not as hard as being in SKE, that’s for sure.” Rena chuckled and continued. “I hope you are not overworking yourself.”


“Hai~ I will take good care of myself oneesan!” Jurina answered with her cute voice and salutes Rena. I guess some things just doesn’t change. Rena laughed deep down.


A few minutes of silence passed with only the sound of sizzling and drinking. The gathering next door seems to be more heated and their voice floods this particular room too.


Jurina looked straight at the Matsui Rena, eating her vegetable soup. This is satisfying enough, looking at you. A smile painted over her face so obvious that Rena asked, “What’s with that face?”


“It’s nothing.” Jurina replied and finished up her glass of beer. She felt like an old man but who cares anyway since she is out with Rena-san.


After they have finished their dinner and Jurina being defeated to paying the bill, they stroll along the streets for a breather. The night is still young. Jurina thought as she had passed eighteen and the world seems to shed a new light. A new perception and a longer working hour.


“Jurina, I’m glad we had this meal together but what’s with the serious formal invitation?” Rena half-jokingly brought up the time when Jurina spelled her message in such formality just to invite Rena to dinner. Nobody could blame her though, Jurina had missed and longed for Rena ever since she graduated from SKE48. There were no more Wmatsui or JuriRena. No more meeting for MV shotting, CM, news report or even performance together.


“I’m not a kid anymore, Rena-san.” Jurina replied bitterly.


Rena felt a soft thump in her heart.


“But I’m happy to have Rena in my life.” Jurina suddenly turned to her and clasps her hand. “Please stay with me for a very long time!” Jurina bowed so deep her head dropped to Rena’s waist.


Jurina…Rena smiled and gave her a pat on the head.  You will always be my little sister.





Writer’s note: Some characters just can’t be out of character….sigh…

[Nogizaka46 Fanfic] Under My Umbrella

Sticking close to you

After a hard session of dance practice, Wakatsuki Yumi walks away to fetch her water bootle. The girls all begin to drop into their own group, with Maiyan and Sayurin side by side, Nanamin was sitting across them with MaiMai. Nanase was huddling on Kazumin and a few walked around the group.


They were in the middle of preparing for the National Summer Tour. Wakatsuki remembered the days when she was not in the senbatsu, more ever than she would like it when they reperform the setlist according to chronology.


Sitting in the middle of the dance floor, Sakurai Reika was too tired to move and just decided to retie her shoelaces while they wait for the rehersal to continue.


Wakatsuki was not required to stay back for the rest of the setlist and planned to leave with the other Under Girls. Nakamoto Himeka’s cheerful chatter followed the others leaving the room.


She looks tired. Wakatsuki managed to catch Reika among the crowd and let out a small sigh before returning to her, sticking a bottle of mineral water to her face in the process.


“Rehydrate.” Wakatsuki said with a stern voice while she crouch in front of Reika, her sweat all sticking her hair in a short chaotic mess. Even so, she looks even more stunnning. Her image as a guy floats to Reika’s mind unintentionally.


“Thank you.” Reika smiled sheepishly and accepted her good will. “You’re not staying behind?”


“Eeeh~? Why should I? You should not think like that Captain.” Wakatsuki retort and continued. “Work hard for my part too, ok?” She smiles and gave a wink before retreating as the dance instructor is back to resume practice.


Focus, Reika! Focus! She shook her head and shifts her attention to the front while Wakatsuki left the room. Reika was sure Wakatsuki does not know how much she’d like her to stay and wait for her. But it was a cruel thing to do, isn’t it? Stop thinking like that, Reika!


The practice continued for two more hours with song after song rehearsed. Rain began to fall and turned into a heavy downpour when the rest of the members came out of the building.


“Goodbye, Reika! See you tomorrow!” Hoshino Minami waved and opens her umbrella before running into the rain. With more and more members leaving, Reika was considering to run since she forgot her umbrella.


One step into the rain and she felt a strong tug by her right arm.


“What are you doing?” Wakatsuki with an umbrella outstretched said with a bitter smile on her face.


“Wakachuki~~” Reika was very moved seeing her at that hour and lunged forward for a tight hug. “You didn’t say you’d wait for me. I thought you were gone by now…Where were you anyway?”


“That coffee shop across. I was drawing up some Nogizaka sketches and didn’t realize you till now.” Wakatsuki said and stood beside Reika. The sound of raindrops upon the umbrella was clear by their ears with both of them right under it.


“Let’s go.” Wakatsuki pointed to a family restaurant across. “You must be hungry.”


While they walk across the road, Reika noticed a damp patch on Wakatsuki’s right shoulder.


“Moh~~ Wakatsuki!” Reika suddenly shouted and hooked her arm to Wakatsuki’s left hand, pulling in both their body to a contact. Wakatsuki was surprised and her face flush when she realize Reika’s warmth, probably from the dancing just now.


“I’m not going to forgive you if you act like that again, get it?” For once, Reika puff up her face and acts angry.


“Alright, alright.” Wakatsuki raised her right palm to her nose and nod.


“And…Thank you.” Reika said softly and attacked Wakatsuki’s left cheek with a peck. Reika could taste Wakatsuki’s skin still slightly salty from all the sweating.


Wakatsuki never felt such warmth and so little control over her emotions, rolling around in joy for such a small gesture. Or maybe she had hoped for it, waiting for Reika.


“Mmm!” Wakatsuki nodded and said no further.


Perhaps one day, she would dare to cross that line. Falling hopelessly in love with her.



[Nogizaka46 Fanfic] An Off Air Confession

Nogiroom 150907: Yuri Ship! XD

“Cut! Ok detsu~ Otsukaresama~” The staff shouted and everyone started to move from their position. Nogiroom this week ended with the four members Sakurai Reika, Wakatsuki Yumi, Noujou Ami and Takayama Kazumi.


“Hey, want to grab a bite with us?” Ami suggested while Kazumin already sticking close to her arm and nodding in respond. Wakatsuki glance over to Reika, “It’s ok, I need to get back to my hometown to celebrate my mother’s birthday so you guys have fun.” Reika stood up and replied.


“Then I’ll help her with the luggages. You bought them in didn’t you? I’ll send you to the station.” Wakatsuki continued.


“Have a safe trip then.” Noujou and Takayama  said in unison and chuckled among themselves. What a sweet couple. Wakatsuki grinned.


As Reika hurls her luggage out in their changing room, Wakatsuki casually took the heavier one into her hand and lifted it without effort. Reika puckered and break to a grin. Those wordless exchange and the way they see each other were all they needed.


It doesn’t take long before a bus came, Reika and Wakatsuki both hidden behind their mask. After they took a seat side by side, Wakatsuki reaches for her mp3 player as she usually do but Reika had pulled out hers and shoving it to her face.


That’s weird. Wakatsuki thinks but never gave it more thought.


“Erhem. This is Sakurai Reika speaking.” Wakatsuki was surprised hearing her voice in that recording and turned to look at Reika. Reika with her eyes closed did not move in her seat. Probably too tired and fell asleep I guess.


Wakatsuki kept listening and decided not to wake Reika up.


“I think I owe you something since a long time ago. Five things I like about Wakatsuki Yumi.”


“Number five, the Wakatsuki that saved me countless times during live’s MC.”


“Number four, the Waka-sama that is always there beside me when I am uncertain of myself as Captain.”


“Number three, the Wakachu that blushes when she is my pet.” Wakatsuki noticed Reika’s voice which cracked into a chuckle, imagining the day of the recording herself.


“Number two, the Yumi that allows me to be a pampered girl, letting me sleep in her bed and doesn’t act distant.” Wakatsuki smiled and turned to look at the girl beside her again. Reika in her deep sleep shakes with the bus. Seeing her head nodding around, Wakatsuki guided Reika’s head onto her shoulder. What a cute sleeping face. Wow, I just have a Nogibingo dejavu. Wakatsuki with her bitter smile, remembered the day when she lay on Reika’s lap. The thought brought a slight blush to her hidden face.


“Number one, Wakatsuki Yumi that confessed to me during Valentine day special and during my birthday handshake event. Thank you for being there for me and I love you too.”


Reika’s stop is next when Wakatsuki finally finished listening to the recording.


“Reika, wake up. We’ll need to get off now.” Wakatsuki gently shakes her shoulders.


The moment Reika woke up, her eyes widen and looked at Wakatsuki with a surprised look. I can’t believe I slept through that! Reika thought and bit her lower lips.


“Let’s go.” Wakatsuki smiled as usual and pushed the bell before gathering up Reika’s luggage. They walked all the way to the platform where Reika is supposed to ride a train home without a word as people comes and goes from all directions.


Reika now seated in the only vacant seat tries to catch a glimpse of Wakatsuki that is standing to see the approaching train. I have to say something. Anything. While she struggles with her thoughts, the train had already stop with passengers rushing in before the departure.


“Reika.” Wakatsuki called and guides her into one of the doors, handling over her luggage in the process.


An annoucement roared over the speakers, reminding the people on the platform to stay behind the yellow line as the train is going to depart.


“It’s about time.” Wakatsuki said, with her right hand in her pocket holding to Reika’s mp3 player.


“I’m not returning it to you right now.”




“Da. Ka. Ra. Stay quiet on your way home and text me when you reach.” Wakatsuki said and raised the other hand for a goodbye gesture in time before the door closed.


The train departs while Reika had her eyes on Wakatsuki till she could no longer see her. Stupid Reika! What are you doing? Now you just blew it! Reika thought, knocking her own head and let out a small sigh.


*You have mail*


Her message ringtone went off, prompting Reika to fish it out of her pocket.


Sender: Wakachu ❤

Subject: None


You know I love you too.



Reika blushed and raised her head to look around. There was no one looking at her direction. With a few tap, Reika wrote a reply and proceed to her seat.


Some kilometers away, Wakatsuki got her reply.


Sender: Reika (NGZK)

Subject: None