[Nogizaka46 Fanfic] Reika’s Pursuit

You sat there among the audiences, getting all the cooperation to hide your presence. Yet Sakurai Reika knew by heart that you will be there, somewhere in the crowd, listening and watching very closely to her final performance as a member of Nogizaka46. The stage where both shared endless talks and struggles, amidst joyous moments and memories, shall be drawn to a close for another start.

Wakatsuki Yumi had a big bouquet of flowers prepared. Remembering her last message to Reika, wishing her a smooth live concert a few minutes before it starts, the phone buzzed with reminder from the staff members. She was nervous and happy for her.

Never in her dream that she would get an invitation to take part in Reika’s graduation concert, especially when she had graduated before her. It took more courage to let go than to hold on.

Waiting for Reika to come closer, you stood in the dark. As you walked into the spotlight towards her, your heart pounds even harder.


She was truly surprised, so was the crowd.

“Sorry for the intrusion, this is Wakatsuki Yumi. As a representative of the graduates, I brought you flowers. Congratulations on your graduation. Thank you for your hard work! Let’s work hard together from now on.”

You found her.

The flowers. The hug. Her eyes when she confessed of feeling lonely. No amount of thank you would suffice at the moment. If feelings could be poured, theirs would fill to the brim and overflow.

You took the mike she gave and spoke a few words before leaving.

Sakurai Reika had her graduation concert and you have never felt so proud in your life.

The distance between us has begun to close-in and may someday we’d walk hand in hand.



P/S: For fans who wants to watch the live concert. Dozo!

190901 Nogizaka46 Manatsu no Zenkoku Tour 2019 ~ Sakurai Reika Graduation Concert ~ @Meiji-Jingu Baseball Stadium(Full Ver.)





[Scandal Senmon Bengoshi QUEEN Fanfic] Between Us

***Set as prologue, kindly watch the series for character details***


Himi Ko still remembered the day when Taro Suzuki waited for her outside the police station. It was expected, of the things that happened but not him. Being offered an attorney post in his law firm, Himi begans her journey to another chapter of her life.

“Haiii, I need your attention everyone. This is Himi Ko, she’ll be joining us in the crisis management starting today.” Suzuki-san strolled into a well-lit room, catching three people in the mid of a coffee break.

“Well, its about time you showed up Suzuki-san. Why have you not approved my leave yet?!” A middle aged woman in her orange blazer over a white dress promptly stood up. Her hair was short and well kept.

“Now now Yoda-chan, we have a new colleague here.” Suzuki-san grinned while Himi took the hint and held out her hand.

“Himi Ko, pleased to meet your acquaintance.”

“Yoda Chie, likewise but let me tell you this. Suzuki-san is a black company.” She shot a sharp gaze and gave her hand a confident squeeze. Quite a grip, I’m coming to like her already.

“This is Fujieda-kun and Mano-san. They are our supporting team.” A young man in his suit and a woman in her near forties nodded. So far so good.

“I’ll leave you all to yourself, we are expecting a client after lunch so don’t be late.” Suzuki-san continued and quickly leave through the door.

“Now what about my–” The door slammed closed upon Yoda mid-sentence. She groaned and said, “Mano-san, how are we supposed to get any rest around here?”

“At least we have a new colleague here.” Mano Seiko replied. She looks like your average co-worker, wearing a slightly over-sized spectacle which gave her an extra glint.

“If you don’t mind me saying, why don’t we have lunch Yoda-san?” Himi smiled, hoping to reduce the tension around the room.

“I know a good place.” Yoda stood up and lead the way, “Fujieda and Mano-san would be eating separately so you don’t need to mind them.”

“Yoda-san, I can hear you.” Fujieda-kun gave a wry smile while Mano-san took her bento out from her drawers.

“Let’s go.” Yoda winked at Himi while she took her arm.


“Where are we going?” Himi asked while she walked alongside Yoda.

“A Chinese place with steamed bun.” Yoda walks in her big strides and pointed to the bus stop ahead, “I hope you don’t mind ’cause we need to travel for a proper meal.”

“Oh?” Himi reached into her pocket and snatched out a car key, “Do you happen to have a driving license?”

“I do,” Yoda stopped and reflex took over. Her hands caught the keys right in time.

“Follow me.” Himi smiled and held the handle of a smart black sedan.

Yoda whistled at its sight. The car was gorgeous and well maintained with polish and clean sporty rims.


They huffed between bites of steamed bun, tasting the soup within with mumbled cry of ‘oishi’. Himi almost forgot when was her last proper lunch without worries. Ever since she became more involved with Azuma and his political management, it feels like walking on a tight rope while the world waits for you to fall.

“Why did you want to become an attorney, Himi-san?” Yoda asked as she finishes her last bite.

“It’s a long story. But thank you for the ride and the food, Yoda-chan” Himi Ko slaps her palm clean and taps Yoda’s shoulder.

“Eh~ You’re not gonna tell me?” Yoda fastened her pace and followed her out of the restaurant, “Said a person that cannot drive but owns a car!”


***Do watch episode one for subsequent story***


[Nogizaka46 Fanfic] Wakasama’s Departure

There were too much emotions and tears for Sakurai Reika as she looks at Wakatsuki Yumi in her black dress, handing flowers and gratitude for her last concert.

This is it.

Even when she told her about graduating, Reika never thought it’ll be enough to mentally prepare. Seven years of companionship and she basically had a whole big family in Nogizaka. And Yumi is special.

“Arigatou.” Wakatsuki held out the flower and slightly kneels for her, as Reika looks down to her dear Yumi.

It was both professional and personal.

As captain of the group, Reika was barely speaking by the ending. Even when people cheer along the last song, she was clutched by deep longing and despair.

The person to look for beside her. A familiar presence in almost every event. Wakatsuki was her person.

And Danke Sheen was ending.

With a loud cheer, confetti fell across the audience seat and all the member retreat to the back stage.

There were a lot of people in the backstage yet Sakurai felt a pang of loneliness.

Wakatsuki Yumi in her best smile greets and wishes everyone to continue their support on Nogizaka.

“You’d still be in Nogizaka, Reika,” Wakatsuki said as they talked the night before her graduation, “And I’ll be supporting you from the side, just like always.”

Reika waited at the bottom of the exit staircase as Yumi steps down with each click of footsteps in her high heel.

“Reika..” Wakatsuki smiles again with her damp eyes and pulls her into a gentle embrace, “Thank you for being here for me.”

“I…I’m going to miss you,” Sakurai tugs on her sleeve and continued, “But I’ll do my best so you must too.”

“It’s not the end,” Wakatsuki tries to laugh and steadied Reika by her arms, “We’ll still see each other when we can, go to each other’s performances.”

Reika just nodded as everyone moves to clear the stage and head back to rest. She lost count of the hugs, cheerful and tearful members that came to greet and talk to Wakatsuki before she leaves.

She was looking out for everyone that even the juniors were lost at words as she patted their heads and gave encouragements.

Nippon Budokan glitters in the night as Wakatsuki sighs at one last look, feeling both overwhelmed and satisfied while Reika looks at her silently.

The chilly air of December at 1am was refreshing.

“Let’s go home,” Wakatsuki smiled and stuffed Reika’s hand into her coat, “we can walk until you feel better.”

Reika gave her hand a tiny squeeze, “Can I stay over for tonight?” But tears started to pool as she lifts her head up to look at the sky.

“Absolutely,” Wakatsuki replied, “Anything for you.”

P/S: If there is anything that can help us get through the feeling of separation, it must be the chance of meeting each other again.


[Nogizaka46 Fanfic] Graduation

Wakatsuki Yumi stood outside a coffee shop, feeling the autumn breeze making its way along her bare neck as she looks at her watch.

2.25pm. Five minutes earlier.

It was a normal weekday, Sakurai Reika suggested for them to hang out since their schedules cleared up a bit. Wakatsuki came to like short hair now since many of her stage plays fits the current image.

Reika walked along the alley, glimpsing Wakatsuki’s head in the crowd, wearing a white wool shirt paired with a long checkered jacket. Her legs appear slimmer in her jeans.

She stopped in her steps, admiring Wakatsuki’s side profile. Soon, I may not be able to see this very often. And the idea tugs hard on her heart that she just walked and encircles Wakatsuki from behind.

An actual hug.

“Reika,” Wakatsuki smiled at the sight of her, “You’re early. I didn’t know you could do that.” She pokes fun of her while wriggling herself free, feeling the warmth upon her back.

“2.30pm, You owe me a parfait~” Reika giggled and guided Wakatsuki into the shop by her wrist.

Wakatsuki did not say anything when Reika’s dessert turned out to be humongous, not even when she managed to finish the whole thing with a smile on her face. Probably freezing her cheek in the process.


“What is it, Reika? You don’t act like the usual Captain I know.” She asked and cupped Reika’s cheeks. It may have been Wakatsuki’s hands or her own blushing, she’d not know while she takes in the sight of having Wakatsuki so close to her.

“This is unfair.” Reika pouts and looks away.

“What is?”

“We are losing Nanase and you all together. I don’t..” Reika stop mid-sentence and sigh, “I don’t know if I’d still want to stay anymore.”

While her eyes burn and pools tear to the brim, Wakatsuki gently wipes away a dropping tear from her face.

“Thank you for staying with me, all these years are very precious to me.” Wakatsuki said in her mellow voice.

She have made up her mind.

“I know that.” Reika took her hands and squeezed. “But allow me to feel sad, if that’s ok with you..”

Reika could not stop the sudden rush of emotions and sobs quietly while her tears came falling down.

Wakatsuki stood up and slides to the seat beside her, carefully guiding her face to her neck. Reika hides her face from everyone else while she tries to silence her own voice.

If heartbreaks are audible, Wakatsuki will have her own be broken. And willingly giving it up for her all over again.


[Keyakizaka46 Fanfic] Kizuitara Kataomoi

–Post Keyakitte Kakenai ep126–

“Suzumoto-san, wait!”, Oda Nana tried to catch up to the slumping figure before her.

Deep in her thoughts, Suzumoto Miyu kept on walking, unconsciously heading to the restroom.

Oda picks up her pace and ran a little before she catches her arm, “Wait, are you ok?”

But the face that Suzumoto had makes Oda’s heart ache a little. Her slightly flushed face with hint of tears from before hung in a gloomy state.

“Mmm, I’m ok.” Suzumoto squeezed out a smile and shakes her head lightly, her hand in a hurry to wipe out her tears.

“Miyu…” Oda wraps her slowly in an embrace and tucks her head to her shoulder, “You can cry if you want to, they won’t see your face.”

Suzumoto’s hands held onto her jacket for what seems like a long time, shaking in small sobs.

“I don’t know what is true anymore.”

“You don’t need to. Miyu, I’m sorry if I was too harsh on you.” Oda whispered and continued, “Suki te arigatou.” (Thank you for loving me)

Note: Just used a Nogizaka song to promote their sister group😂🙈 Still suck at writing fanfic🙊

[Nogizaka46] Kizuitara Kataomoi


[Miss Sherlock Fanfic] To Be Honest

The room is too quiet for a ten o’clock weekday. Wato thought while she enters the room, getting a full view of chocolate wraps and half opened liquor across the room. She almost ran over a bottle on the floor, picking up an Avion tequila, whatever that may be.

“Sherlock,” She said with her hands on her hip, bag still hung from her shoulder after a long day at her part time library job. “You expect me to clean this?” Her eyes screened through the room. I’m picking up for a kid, no doubt about it.

“Sussh…I’m trying to experiment.” Sherlock answered in a whisper, lying on her couch with her gaze fixated to the ceiling. “I think I understand why people like the sensation. But barely equatable to ecstasy.” She sighed and said, “Better off going to the Medical Box.”

Wato remembered the disco bar, she was the one being taught of what a pusher is.

“Would you like to try?” Sherlock turned to her flatmate which is recapping all the liquor on the coffee table. “Milk chocolate with rum would be good.”

“I don’t drink, Sherlock.” Wato replied. The detective picks up a bottle of white wine and drained the remaining half in the matter of seconds.

“Now that, should do the trick.” Sherlock with a cheeky smile placed the empty bottle down to a wide-eyed Wato. “Give me a minute.”

“Sherlock?! Why would your do that! I’m getting you more water whether you like it or not.”

Wato is angry. How rare. She laughed giddily.

Her feet feels light and the ceiling seems to spin. Wato’s blue coat was on a reachable distance so she snatched it up and wraps herself in it. The faint smell of old and new books is welcoming.

“You should drink up.” Wato gave the usual black cup to Sherlock.

“Help me.”

“With what?”

Sherlock shot her right arm from underneath her blue coat and said, “I can’t get up.” Her face cringed at the throbbing ache around her temple.

“Does it hurt?” Wato asked with concern, grabbing Sherlock’s arm and tugs to what seems to be her whole weight.

“Sit here,” Sherlock reaches out and slowly pulls Wato by her shirt, patting on her thigh. She tried to resist but Sherlock doesn’t seem to loosen her grip.

Wato sighed and sat. Sherlock hugs and snuggles onto her, feeling a stiffened Wato holding her breath.

“Much better.” Sherlock mumbled as the pain eases. Wato exhaled and had a bittersweet smile.

Slow and steady respiratory rate. With a hint of alcohol and chocolate.

“You’re drunk, Sherlock.”

“And you’re my oxycodone…”


“Not to mention its addiction, abuse and misuse.” Sherlock continued to ramble with her eyes closed, “Neonatal opiod withdrawal syndrome, respiratory depression and cytochrome p450 3A4 interactions..”

“Okay okay, I know.” Wato managed to pass Sherlock’s cup into her hands. She was smiling gleefully at the water.

“By the way, the name is Sara. Sara Shelly Futaba.” Sherlock muttered and smiled, her right hand outstretched for a handshake which Wato takes it in doubt. Her grip was firm with seven shakes.

“Yoroshiku~” The detective made a weird salute and gulped the whole cup of water before leaning onto Wato’s arm.

“Sara?” Wato bends her head sideways to take a glimpse of her face.

Stupid Sherlock.


Sherlock woke up with a headache and ample memory of what she did yesterday night.

“Sherlock, ohaiyo.” Wato came into her room and made coffee as usual. The room is tidied and no sign of liquor or stain.

Sherlock feigns ignorance, noticing the difference in her room. A bottle of rum and a box of milk chocolate stood quietly at the corner of her work desk.


[Miss Sherlock Fanfic] 221b

Her coat. Her boots. Her strides and the sound of her foot steps.

“Okaeri Sherlock, Wato.” Miss Hatano stood in front of the apartment, smiling at the familiar figures. Tachibana’s eyes were red, hand still holding onto the green coat while Sherlock held onto her shoulder. Kento nodded from behind with Wato’s luggage beside him.

“Arigatou Hatano-san.” Sherlock smiled warmly and continued, “I think Wato needs a cup of tea. Let’s get her in.”

Wato followed obediently as Sherlock guides her back into the room, seating her in the usual seat across Sherlock’s favorite sofa. It doesn’t take long for Miss Hatano to reappear with a tray of tea and biscuits but the silence were deafening. Wato held onto her hand over her shoulders when she tried to move away.

Sherlock sighed and sat on the armrest instead. “I’m real, Wato. And I’m not going to disappear.”

“Mmm…” Wato only managed to give a small squeeze before tears came dropping down her cheeks.




She felt a hand on top of her head, trailing down and running lightly through her hair.

“Wato, the tea is getting cold,” Sherlock shifts and got down in front of her, eyes staring straight and both hands on her knee. The trail of tears made Sherlock’s heart ache.

Wato looked down. Just like a kid.

“Sherlock…” Wato cupped Sherlock’s cheeks and went for a full bear hug entrapping her shoulders. Light sobs could still be heard upon her neck.

Two arms reached up and held onto Wato’s shoulder blades.

“I’m here. Don’t worry,” whispered Sherlock and both of them felt warmer in each other’s embrace.



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[Miss Sherlock Fanfic] Asamiya Tea and Green Tea

Post Reichenbach Falls

Kento took a step back to check on his sister, obviously bored by the looks of her face while slouching in an old-fashioned sofa. The heating pan was sizzling with fried rice that he is making for the both of them.

It was a peaceful Monday and Kento had more than 20 minutes. He had the whole day, given a cool-down period after a brief assault on the virus incident. Sherlock looks the usual, which makes him the more unsettling. Now how could I make her talk?

“Ah, do you happen to have your phone?” Sherlock asked, “I’d like to check on 221b. I hope my place doesn’t get turned over.”

Kento divides the food onto two plates and gave one to Sherlock. “Don’t worry, is there a time when I failed you? Everything is taken care of and we only need to wait for the coast to be cleared.”

She spoons up the fried rice and ate even though she seemed uninterested.

Check barrel. Loaded. Click. Stance and grip. Aim. Anticipate recoil. Pull trigger.

The gun was returned to Shibata but she never forgot the feeling in her hands. As much as it works according to manual, shooting a dying man was unpleasant. Her eyes fixated to the image of a crumbling man and a tearful woman.

“Sherlock,” Kento interrupted, “Your hands aren’t moving. I have chocolate in the fridge, but only after you had eaten up.”

“Don’t wana..” Sherlock sulked in reply.

“Hmm?” This is the first time she had rejected chocolate.

“I don’t have anything to concentrate on. Might as well die in boredom.” She turns over and wraps her legs with her arms, shrinking into confinement the sofa could barely provide.

Kento shakes his head with a grin and said, “One cannot die that easily. Not this way, to the very least.” He walks away into the kitchen while she sinks into her gloominess. Half a plate seems good enough. We’ll need to invite Wato for a dinner some other time or she’ll get even skinnier.

“Heads up!” Kento pulled a fast one and threw a piece of chocolate to his sister. She caught the piece alright.


“Wato-san likes this.” Kento said and pop one into his mouth, “If only I could have some green tea, that’d be nice.”

“Asamiya tea.”

Sherlock answered and leaned onto his big brother, now standing beside her sofa.

“You win.” Kento laughs and ruffles her hair, “Wato-san had spoiled you.”

The duo spent the day in peace, despite one under probation and another pronounced dead.


[Miss Sherlock Fanfic] Reichenbach Falls

Episode 8 aftermath

Shibata pulled his cap down, hiding his features as he switches on the gondola. I can’t believe I’m doing all these. For a bottle of green tea.

It was a sunny day, the offices were bustling with people like any other day while he ascends the building, hitting a height of 240m. His hand reached for a cloth and started polishing the window. Nobody was in the meeting room that he was facing.

An inflatable safety mat was laid upon the gondola, inflating while he took a glimpse above. No sign yet.

“What a nuisance, that lady.” Shibata muttered under his breath but could not stop a grin on his lips. The thought of Sherlock actually owing him a favor makes the whole scheme, well, worth while.

A gunshot was fired and Shibata suddenly shifts to the side as he adjusts the safety mat position. He caught a glimpse of Sherlock’s face before she came falling down with another lady in her arms.

“Make it quick.” Sherlock nudged her head to the person she had held in a deadlock. Moriwaki Akira.


Inspector Reimon rushed to the edge and confirmed their safety. Everything as planned.

“As if I needed you to remind me,” Shibata jumped onto the mat and restrained her, putting a cover over her mouth while the gondola went descending.

Sherlock brushes her shoulder, as if to remove some invincible dust with a delightful grin on her face. The voice of Wato screaming her name, and only her name, brings a sense of triumph.

“Don’t get cocky,” Shibata shot a sharp gaze and continued, “there are still stuffs to do.”

“Of course I know that.” She replied flatly, all the more irritating to Shibata.

Sherlock stuffed her hands into her coat and literally skipped to the ambulance on standby. Such convenience, having a brother like that.

Shibata pushed Moriwaki into a car while she struggles slightly under pressure.

“See you on the other side,” Sherlock smirked with her tiny wave before covering herself with a white sheet, not to mention hopping onto the stretcher by herself. As if she was enjoying the whole thing.

The ambulance departs and Shibata drove off to their designated location, shaking his head at the thoughts of this eccentric lady.

Justice never felt satisfying this way but he was rooting for it. Unexpectedly. So much for being a cop.


[Miss Sherlock Fanfic] Death

Episode 6 Aftermath

Sherlock looked into the mirror, holding a cotton bud with iodine to clean the laceration wound on her neck.

This scar will heal nicely.

“Sherlock, let me do it for you.” Wato walked into the room and sat on the handrest of her sofa, shifting her body sideways to see the wound more clearly.

“I’m still a doctor no matter how you see me.” Wato continued and took the cotton bud to clean the wound, “You don’t have to do everything by yourself.”

“It’s just a 2.5cm laceration. Nothing serious.” Sherlock raised her head to let Wato remove the clot and place a dressing despite the way she replied.

“Done. Just be sure not to wet the area for these few days.” Wato tapped Sherlock’s shoulder and stood up to leave.



“What do you think of death?”

Wato fell silent for a second by her question. But it doesn’t felt intimidating or rude, it just came of as something Sherlock would ask.

“Hmm…At first, it doesn’t felt real. Even when it happens at the hospital, postmortems were not something juniors would attend.” Wato slowly walked to the usual sofa across Sherlock and sat. “But it all changes in Syria, people die everyday. Too many that I’d lost count.”

“Wato, you don’t need to continue if you don’t want to.” Sherlock looked eagerly at Wato, wondering what she sees as she only stared at the bare coffee table.

“It’s ok. I think this is part of life. There is still so much to do as long as we are alive.” Wato ended and smiled at Sherlock. “But Sherlock won’t be much shaken isn’t it? By the way you look at all the corpse.”

“Well…A certain pair of coffin makes the earth shatter but that’s another story for another day.” Sherlock waved away and left her seat to move to her work station.

Wato’s gaze follow the companion, sensing something was a little off. She remembered the time when Takai-san cut his own carotid artery while Sherlock stood frozen still. Sherlock did not respond while she rushed to give compression.



“Why did you not move when Takai-san fell?”

Sherlock pouted, seems to be sunken in deep thoughts before she replied, “It was his death wish. I see no reason to save him…” She shifts from left to right in her rotating chair and continued, “Wato would not be able to understand.”

She stopped and drop dead silent after the remark.

“Neh, Sherlock. Why are you called Sherlock?”

But Sherlock seems to be focused on her work and had stopped registering her presence in the room. Figuring it is very late into the night, Wato got up and slowly slides out of the room.

Maybe someday, she’ll be able to talk about it herself.

Wato closes the door and creeps back to her room, not knowing an internal turmoil has just started in the mind of Sherlock.