Rhyme Mindlessly

Dickinson spoke the things with feather

My friend just asked of hopes and weather

A year has passed and days may fade

Dreams were made but none was sane

If I need to put a finger on

The views that I’d see in time to come

Money, fame or a person in tow

Let it be a mystery, for I need not to know


Half Full

Make your bed while bright and shine

Work your way but know your time

As hard as life or idle may be

We see the side where happiness agree


–Hum as you like, guitar strumming slow with jazzy piano–

Think of all the white snow

Fluttering from the sky

Dropping on top of our mind~

Covering all the thoughts combined

Which doesn’t matter now its all white

I am hiding in my cozy bed sipping wine~

Oh~ Christmas holiday!

A time to just keep warm

In a coffeehouse smelling great

Beside a fire away from storm

With a chimney, Santa might come with frost

Leave presents under the tree and your old socks

Who would not like this season break

Now that its all that I can take

To just hear, winter glitter

Merry and bright

All the songs about and not about you

Still gleefully true

White Tents

Its along the row of houses

Standing proudly in the middle of the road

With both ends crowded

Cars aligned along every doorsteps

We sat with another stranger

Whom only he knew every one of us

But could not humor


We all wait

For some certain moment to arrive

Mostly in the quiet

Early mornings, late night

A little afternoon off work

She may arrive late

Or he may have been pondering

Against a plain paper, pen on top

Waiting to be filled and yet

They don’t always pass by

But when they do, you will notice

Even if its just a silhouette

Or a sitting figure

They accompanied us through

Occasions, occasionally