The End of The Day

An orange ring

Sets down with lines

Of pink and purple

It dips into the ocean

Bringing light with them

Across red and maroon

We sat and wait till it disappears

With darkness, houses lit up



There were shreds of my soul

Willingly given away


Taken and not returned

For whom it may serve its worth

Does what I have left could still shine

Remain whole and selfless

In poetries and between lines

Among stars that had fallen from the sky


I live in solitude while she put herself back again


Snow Field

Your departure drops slowly from above

In pure whiteness and in pieces


Filling the bottom of my heart

To a field of snow

Soft and cold, I breathe warmly

Hugging myself as I hum a lullaby

Roll the thoughts to a snowman standing

As it melts as I go