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I’ve made it public

To all the people whom

Have not met me in real life

The one that do not shy away

Speaking truthfully

Hides behind these walls

In private

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I am relieved

To be freed from your prison

Of claimed love

Guilty if not missing you

I shall not be punished

Or chained down

Making me believe that it was always my fault

That I’d always need to bow down with apology

You have no authority over me

None whatsoever

P/s: Never felt so good after a break up

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The Show Must Go On

If only the curtains would fall

A round of applause

For ourselves

Over the mundanes and struggles

As if life would give you a break

I descended a flight of stairs

Only to find another leading ahead

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So I stored away my dreams

Into a closet

For some time

Where I didn’t know why

I’d wish to get what I did not have

Until I was told

Even though I knew

What lay behind

My tears and runny nose would not stop

Whenever I’ve dusted upon my long lost dreams

Yet again

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A sunny day

A sleep without accounting the hours one should or shouldn’t sleep

A day without worries or doubt

Mindfulness of others

While I stay awake when I dream

I hope in the days when it is worse

Even when we all fall and crumble

I live till the day I die

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We all had our Mondays

The same job we had last week

Minor tweaks on Tuesdays

When I dreaded Wednesdays

Because there is still tomorrow

Before Friday, the thought of not seeing you for the next two days

I doubt the things I see

The reflection we all perceive

Never was the way we thought

Or wish it would be

In living my present

For a future as vivid as my imaginations

Will it be similar

With the world we’re going to make

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As if it describes you

I could only wonder

If I have felt what you meant to say

It makes no harm to be wrong

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We stop ourselves from feeling

The urge to fear

Even in denial, we face our days

In the shades of light than darkness

Because it was always

The better choice of living

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Across a canyon

Of a life I could barely spare for breaks

If I were to leap anyway

This is one gap I’d risk to fly