We all had our Mondays

The same job we had last week

Minor tweaks on Tuesdays

When I dreaded Wednesdays

Because there is still tomorrow

Before Friday, the thought of not seeing you for the next two days

I doubt the things I see

The reflection we all perceive

Never was the way we thought

Or wish it would be

In living my present

For a future as vivid as my imaginations

Will it be similar

With the world we’re going to make



As if it describes you

I could only wonder

If I have felt what you meant to say

It makes no harm to be wrong

A Piece of Me

There were more of me

In yesteryear than yesterday

Before I became an adult

That mocks at the very source of my income

Yet following all orders demand by society

Even when I have kept pieces of me close

In secret and written

Nothing was left when I looked back

Of memories, no more

Than words scribbled upon by a stranger

Whom I wished I’ve never parted


If only I knew myself better

Than to look but not see

If only I could be as agile

When I break away from you

My stature would still be as graceful

As I always should have stayed