The Show Must Go On

If only the curtains would fall

A round of applause

For ourselves

Over the mundanes and struggles

As if life would give you a break

I descended a flight of stairs

Only to find another leading ahead



So I stored away my dreams

Into a closet

For some time

Where I didn’t know why

I’d wish to get what I did not have

Until I was told

Even though I knew

What lay behind

My tears and runny nose would not stop

Whenever I’ve dusted upon my long lost dreams

Yet again


A sunny day

A sleep without accounting the hours one should or shouldn’t sleep

A day without worries or doubt

Mindfulness of others

While I stay awake when I dream

I hope in the days when it is worse

Even when we all fall and crumble

I live till the day I die


We all had our Mondays

The same job we had last week

Minor tweaks on Tuesdays

When I dreaded Wednesdays

Because there is still tomorrow

Before Friday, the thought of not seeing you for the next two days

I doubt the things I see

The reflection we all perceive

Never was the way we thought

Or wish it would be

In living my present

For a future as vivid as my imaginations

Will it be similar

With the world we’re going to make