We were taught well

I might have feared

The rules I bind myself to

Unpleasant to be otherwise



Fantasy was my choice

If acceptance could not betray

So was imagination

Anything that could remain in this world

Carved out and inked

Even momentarily

(Just like any one of us)

Something beautiful and warm would be nice


There was a school of laughters

Across hallways and classes

Until the bell rang

And sound went under water

It might be a test, where all sat quietly

Or a whispering lesson, bubbling curiosity and anxious

You might catch a naughty fella or two

But time could never contain it forever

As if there was a break in the net

Children swam and flees away

Worth Celebrating

Here’s to you

I take this night to witness

All’s well that ends well

Even until you are old and miserable

To be wed and never be apart

Beautiful, still so

I liked how you reacted to our cheers

Skeptical of alcohol influence when I did sway

Was only by you