Gathering Dusts

Cough, cough

A key clicked

Door creaking open

While the sun shone in

Dusts dances in the light

Everything felt ancient again

Untouched and gathered memories

Of once were and used to be

Hush, as I blow

A breathe of life

Into words and blank papers

My first and last love


Uninvited Guest

I have been a fool

Tending to my garden

Stretching their welcoming arms

Trimmed and made way to a warm house

Whose door stays unlock and light

Lit early till dawn

A soft couch facing a cracking fireplace

Chill and windy upon summer’s open window

I sit and wander spring and fall

As the leaves took life and swept away

By tumbling steps of people

In serving sore feet, hunger be satisfied

Weary souls shall beg for more

(As I do the same)

Offering what we own and nothing more

People live and stayed there

And some I dread more

Occupants, I do hope they oblige

Leave no harm to my home



We are poor

Or so we always feel

Less richer even when we aren’t, to

Those who own without realising

As in love, I too

Am guilty of selfishness

A part of myself I wished not to give away

Will you not rob me

Steal what little hope I had in me

After all desperation to trust again

Please don’t leave me empty

As I gave all away

Willingly every time, pieces of my soul


Revising Life

I still learn to wake up

Drag the dreaded feeling away from bed

Life can be alarming at times

When nights were sometimes late

Tired and yet it never waits

Punctuality shall tie my shoelaces

Bring them stepping out into the wide world

Each and every single day

My hands would still love the pockets’ comfort

As much as another hand’s warmth

It will dance and work wonders

Keeping house lights lit and meals on our table

I love hard work

It makes the freedom even sweeter

(None as dull as idle)

So I still learn to wake up

Each and every single day



There is a shadow

Stepping on my shoes

Ran as I try to escape

A ball of fear beneath my bed

It lives under the stairs

An extra hand to reach into the closet

(Oh Narnia and Hogwarts, where they may be)

Secretly lying between pages

Lurking Arabian Nights

Hush, don’t make a sound now

Let the child sleep









Goodness sake

Hold on!



Kind of


Mornings and


Only in my dreams, hope sits



Regardless of where it goes,

Slightly humming.

Tomorrow would




Xpect time to

Yawn… and—

Zoom across.


Where I’m From

I am from a couch

From paper and films

I am from the quiet and day-dreamings

I am from the canals of Venice

(Capillaries that ran through my veins into the wide ocean

I am a gondolier seeking freedom and familiarity)

I am from Malaysia

Nasi Lemak and Bak Kut Teh

I am from the place where we speak too many languages and would love all of it

Even now,

I am from the sea

From paper and films

What can I do to get you there