It used to be rare

Until we could calculate

The moment you’d come

In awe of solid

Holding shadow over light

Bigger in distant

And we would still wait

Just like when you’d fall for me



Fire Alarm

This is a warning

To run away from danger

Away from the light


There were days with stamps

We thank the postman

Between the last news we’ve heard

From you, papers would be suffice

To imagine where and what you have been

Days before the next

We sat silently at night to write

To each other, reading what is on our mind

Until one day

We didn’t know how to

(Oh how I wish to teach my grandchildren to write)


If only I could look at you

The way you look at me

Even when I’m looking

Or when I see from the corner of my eye

Your smile

Your eyes

Drawn deep that I dare not drown