There is no test to run

To prove anything on life

The difference between success

And the fact that you’d still exist


Until you cease to do so

Humans are surprisingly resilient

Even when they doubted themselves

All the time



When you can’t stop time

Live as you go

Put a step forward

Before the last

Before We Sleep

How was your day

When I was away

The little things that happened

Miniature but sweet

I’d love to hear all about it

Coming from you

The things we’d wanted to tell

And things we never expect to say

All exchanged and lined up

Before sleepiness swept us away

Goodnight, I said

For a good night, it came




Beyond the Wardrobe

One would never admit

The gardens and forest we never went

Can survive only in our imagination

Vividly living, with more souls

Said nothing but truths

To us, ironically living in reality

Making sure some remain unspoken

Our pride roared

Echoed far into the distance

As wide as you’d able to depict

It shall be your world

To Publish

Who else could I confide to

At the thoughts of mere embarrassment

Or the amount of explainable reasoning of how one felt

Judgement struck as hard as disappointment

When words does not seem to articulate

Even then, could they be deciphered?

If there could be one single soul that

I could leave a dent or fill the void

Will my whole being scattered and shreds

Be enough to be laid on papers