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Harvest Moon


I’ve always wondered why I liked and kept on playing such a game, running a run down ranch and reviving a town while you try and get your love interest to like you back. Aside from my all time favorite childhood Pokemon series in the game boy advance, Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town was my second most time-draining game that I have played through a period of time.

You clean your farm, tow and plant according to season as you water every day. I liked how I get a dog and collect honey daily. Some scavenger hunting to collect wild grass and gifting the villagers as I rake up money day by day.

It was satisfying in a sense that you will see improvements before you ran out of patience. The pacing was nice and the amount of stamina you have increases as your chores increases to getting more chickens, cows, sheep and a horse.

On the side note, you get to choose a character that you like and see their response as their heart events unfolds. I have chosen Grey and ended the game after I have bought the town house and has a crawling baby around the house.

Maybe that’s why people like gaming. A sense of satisfaction that could be duplicated and attained through games are at times easier to get hold in comparison to our own reality.

But that does not make our life boring, at least not mine ’cause there are too many wonders out there to discover.

So if you have some time to spare or seeking for some relaxing yet progressive game, give harvest moon a try 😉


P/S: First runner up would be Rune Factory if you like a twist of fantasy =)