Creation Office EX16

Nathalie was lying on the carpet when Rigel walked in.


“Nat~ Don’t just lie there, I thought you came to work?” Rigel left a cup of tea on the meeting table with another held in her hand.


Nat gave a long sigh and said, “I think I’m a workaphobic right now. I’ll be heading out in a few more hours for my job tomorrow. Can’t say I’m all fired upfor anything right now.” She rolled to her side but did not sit up. The body felt heavier than usual.


“You already had your share of anime and dramas for the weekend.” Rigel retorted, “And we barely talked.”


“I’m not in the mood.” Nat replied and took her tea, still sticking to the ground. “You know I tend to talk harshly at times like this,”


Rigel took a sip of her tea and  went to sit beside her on the carpet. All they could hear was the air conditioner blowing and the occasional chimming of the wind chime outside.


“I wish I have your temper. Not as rough and impatience as mine. Less irritated.” Nat said gently and close her eyes.


If I could control

How I feel

Would you still

Be there for me

When I have none?



Creation Office EX 15

me with my thought blocks
Me and my thought block


“Come sit with me,” said Nathalie, half awake and sitting on the living room couch. It was a nice Sunday morning, still too early to have adequate lighting into the room.


Rigel obeyed while still in her pajamas. She sat and allowed silence to take its time to settle. Nathalie was in her own thoughts that time seems to pause.


“Hmm?” Rigel raised her eyebrow, still feeling sleepy from the early rise in response to Nathalie’s head dropping onto her shoulders.


“You know that feeling? When you almost but not yet put a shape or a word to a certain atmosphere and thought?” Nat said, letting out a yawn in the process, “It’s tiring and slightly frustrating.”


“Mm.” Rigel nodded.


“Now if only I could find that switch, I’d like to start writing.” Nathalie hugs Rigel and rocks slowly, as if she was holding a soft toy instead of a person. “It would be as comforting as this.” She said to herself, half whispering with a grin on her face.


Creation Office EX 14

Writers and their own alternative universe
Writers and their alternate universe

I am Nathalie. The chief editor of my Creation Office. Suzumiya Haruhi of my own world. Or so she thought, letting out a long sigh while slumping on the oval meeting table.


Rigel still hovering around the table starts to pick up bits and pieces of paper and photos. Nogizaka? AKB? Apparently a whole class of idol is more suitable to describe them. Music filling the now empty meeting room sounds headbreaking.


“Now what band is that, Nat?” Rigel asked with an edge in her voice. Definitely not her taste.


“Babymetal. And some Sakura Gakuin if you’d listen more to this.” Nat replied lazyly face down. There had been several meetings held for some changes and discussion. Good news is, Nat has finished her education and currently free to write since her posting have not been received.


“We should head back to the apartment if you’re so tired.” Rigel said as she gathers all the scattered pictures and informations of characters, plot and photos. Rigel raised her eyebrow, noting a stack of Yuri fanfic. Now this is something unprecedented.


“Nah.” Nat pushed herself up and said, “I just need to wash my face.”


“I brought a towel and a change of clothes if you want to have a bath.” Rigel pointed to her bag over a couch by the corner.


“Ahh! Thank you~ I’ll try our new hot shower then!” The door closed behind her and Rigel was left alone with a repetition of ‘gimme choco’ hammering.


Rigel crossed her arms to her chest, admiring her cleaning up as her eyes sweep across the room.


It won’t be anything self destructive anyway, might as well encourage her all the way.



The Fairy and Her Castle

There was once a fairy that was born with talents. Her eyes shine like silver and sparkles but she had one flaw. She was too perfect. And as she grows older, all the fairies would awe at her magic that brings wonders to the land. An old fairy saw her talents and brought her under her wing.


What the fairy does not know was that she was such a perfectionist, the old fairy’s magic of healing for the old and little requires a great deal of patience. While she slowly gains fame for her healing power, her image does not quite match up to the old fairy that was caring for the land over the decades. Everyone receives the proper treatment in the same castle the old fairy has left in her care.


For many years, fairies from across the land flew to learn the fairies healing magic. So she stayed in the castle day and night throughout the season. While other fairies eventually went out and play and finding their soul mates, this fairy was far too engaged.


Days pass and seasons repeat. This young fairy eventually grew older, wielding more power and eventually authority to the community. Every fairy in the kingdom bow down to her and all of her student was quite fearful despite the fact that they were all to go out and heal the poor souls. Her power was powerful indeed, but never appears as kind as the old fairy’s.


We would imagine the fairy to be happy. Because that was what she had wished for. Yet living alone in that castle, the young fairy that was once full of talents grew old and became queen of the castle, staying more and late into the night. Her healing power was then became her one and only possession. There was nothing more in her life that she would prefer or would have tried to change.


But at times, when fairies bring their children to see her, her friends becoming grandfathers and mothers, she would feel slightly envious, or maybe just a little curious. What would it be like if it was not to turn out this way?


And so the fairy gave everything a long thought. In the castle that she was so familiar for the past decades and held precious memories of the old fairy, she decided that it was time to leave.


She looked into the future, thinking there would be no end to the sickness in the world so she wanted to travel and see more of it. At that time, the fairy was eventually old. As old as the time the old fairy took her in.


By the time she left, the castle that once had a queen and students quivering somewhere in the corner became less lively as it once were. The healing continues but in a less perfect and powerful manner.


Many would wonder what happen to her, for living for hundreds of years was very simple for a fairy. How much more powerful and experienced can she get? Can aging bring this fairy kindness and patience? Rumor has it that she had grown old with little resemblance to her young self, but surely she still had those eyes. Those eyes that shine like silver and sparkle. So if you happen to see an old fairy that heals, you may think that she might be the same fairy that once ruled the castle in the kingdom, standing lone and proud upon a hill, overlooking the land throughout the seasons.


Would you want to be like her? Or would you not?


This question, dear young fairies, is for you to decide.


Time Off


‘Oh my God…’, said Nathalie unnoticing bursting into disbelief as dust came flying out of the door to the storage in the Creative Office. Her hands slipped along the wall and switched on the fan and light before taking a step into the room.


Rigel, following behind huffed onto the closest stack of books sends more dusts flying. Nat sneezed and send a sharp stare before turning her attention back to the square room.


‘I know I shouldn’t say this but man I miss all these. ’ Nathalie took a big book off the shelves and flipped. Rigel that went into the room with her gave a loud slap to her back, making her fell a step forward. ‘How could you say all these when all you’ve done was came running here to skip all those studying.’ Nathalie sticks her tongue out in reply but knew Rigel was happy every time she went to visit.


The duo spent an hour in the room, flipping a few pages from each, half reminiscing and half finding what was left from Nathalie’s early days. As time pass, Nathalie felt slightly frustrated that nothing has come to mind.


‘What’s with you?’ Rigel held a cup of tea to her out of nowhere, ‘We would have time for it. Don’t worry.’ Her reassurance, as if knowing what Nat was frowning about gave Nat a warm feeling inside.


‘This is more frustrating when you forgive me like this…’ Nathalie muttered and sips her cup of tea, her favorite childhood story book sitting on her lap.


‘So? What’s next?’ Rigel sat down beside her on the floor. The ceiling seems a lot higher than the first time she remembered. Minutes ticked by without them realizing. Nat let out a sigh and smiled forcefully, ‘I’m not sure myself… I’m still finding my footing. . . Guess I’ll know when I get there.’


Rigel stretches her arms and circles Nat’s shoulder. ‘Alright.’ She said lazily and dropped her heavy skull onto Nat’s shoulder, half giggling.


‘Is it just me or you really have changed?’ Nathalie smiled but accepted Rigel’s giggling as a reply.


Sorry for the abrupt full stop up there but I’ve been staring at it for 5 minutes and lost it…Let’s hope I have more idea or words to write…XP

Creation Office EX 13


Nathalie stood at the door of Rigel’s apartment. Her hands held up, waited for her courage to swell up and knocked twice before she froze in place. She heard footsteps and the door opened.


Rigel’s expression went from relax to alarm and instinctively slams the door close. “Wait!” Nat shouted and stuck her hands through. A jolt of pain snapped through her arm as she leans her shoulder onto the door, feeling an exact amount of force opposing her.


“I know I’m in no position to ask for forgiveness but please give me a chance to explain!” Nat begged as her body slides with the door almost closed.


“Go away.” Her voice was stern, clenching her teeth and giving the final push. Nathalie felt the door close and heard the clicking of the lock.


What was I thinking? Hoping to be forgiven?


Nat bite deep into her lips. Her thoughts for the past months were nowhere near Creation Office. It was empty. And despite the tiny minutes she could spare, there was nothing in her mind that would connect. Like staring into a dark universe without stars, there was no hope.


“Rigel. Listen to me. I will come back. I promise.” Nat spoke right to the door. “You knew I can’t do anything right now but I know you’d still be here.”


“Wait for me.” Nat said and turned away to leave.


Behind the closed door, Rigel held her palm against her mouth, trying to silence her sob as her tears came trickling down her cheek. Nat’s words came through but she could barely move as she listens to the leaving footsteps.


Which is crueler? Giving up? Or giving hope?

Creation Office EX 12


I must be imagining things.


Rigel looked up from her book and stared at her locked door. Then it came again, a soft knock against all the heavy rain that is pouring outside.


“Coming.” said Rigel as she jumped out of her sofa and unlocked the door in which Nathalie stood, soaked to her skin and dripping a small puddle on the spot.


“You said you couldn’t come today. Why are you here?” Rigel took hold of her by the shoulders and guided her in. She wore the usual weary smile she’d always have but didn’t answer.


“Take off your shoes and coat,” said Rigel as she got in her room and returned in a split second with a big towel. Nathalie smiled back and messes up her hair while she tries to dry it.


This doesn’t happen very often. Rigel thought but gave no remarks. “Go and take a warm bath, ok?”


She nodded and did what Rigel said, getting out of her wet clothes and stood a while in the warm shower before getting out. A set of clothes were left on the basket outside of the bathroom.


“I bought out our hair dryer. Kitty is sleeping in her room but I don’t want to wake her up. Come” said Rigel as she patted the single sofa near the fireplace. Nathalie’s eyes were barely opening as she sat there with Rigel blowing warmth and temperature back into her, feeling relaxed till she would fall asleep.


“Rigel?” She finally spoke. Whatever that was in her mind must have sorted out in some way. “Can I sleepover for tonight?” Her voice was soft and uncertain, like she needed to ask for permission.


“You can sleep in my bed.” Rigel answered, squeezing her stiff shoulders. In these situations, Rigel always knew what she would do. The way she’d clogged everything up. But when she needed someone, she’d tell one way or another.


“I’d be fine by the fire.” Nathalie turned her head around and touched Rigel’s hand.


“Then I’ll be sleeping here as well.” Rigel replied immediately and wrapped the small blanket she was using upon her.


“You’re still difficult to handle, aren’t you? I thought we had a good routine but things started to pace up and I couldn’t catch up anymore.” Her cold hands rested upon Rigel’s hands and sighed.


“You know I’m not good with words.” Rigel replied, giving off a little sign of frustration.


“I’m sorry.” Nathalie whispered back in a wince.


“Look here.” Rigel got down in front of Nathalie and looked her in the eyes. Those hazel eyes that were hiding behind a pair of glasses looked beautiful all the same. “You came even though you knew you couldn’t go to the office to write anything. But you came anyway.” Her hand lifted Nat’s chin. “And that already meant something.” She ended, getting up and gave a small peck on her forehead before going into her bedroom.


Nathalie watched her disappear and reappear from the room with pillows and another blanket. Those shrouded feelings that had been pent up lost half of its weight and she was at ease by the time they lay on their carpet by the fire after shifting the coffee table aside.


“Good night, Rigel.”


“Good night.”


Creation Office EX 11

It was already pitch dark out there with the rain coming down heavier by the minute. Nathalie sat in her usual seat.

“Water?” Wendy smiled sheepishly, handing her one of the mugs she carried on her tray. There were two others in the meeting room. Nat sighed and took the mug anyway, remembered that she already had two cups of coffee in a day. Any more caffeine would do her no good.

On the couch by the corner, a little girl has fallen asleep on Rigel’s lap. Wendy went over and passed the other mug to her, leaving the tray on the coffee table before she took a seat beside her.

“Wendy…” Nat frowned. “You should really get back home. It’s a bit late and a heavier storm might come if you didn’t leave now.”

Her secretary never listened to her ever since she stayed back and started accompanying her after everyone went home. The office was quiet and Nat had somehow regretted getting so much close to her. Another person to depend on, huh?


Rigel took a sip from her mug and strokes the little girl’s hair with her other hand. “Kitty has such a serene look when she sleeps, isn’t it?” She smiled and looked up to Nathalie, still seated at the far end of the meeting table with her arm propped up to her jaw and spinning her pen.


“Why can’t I string up everything?!” Nat murmured under her breath, obviously not listening. The wrinkles between her eyes are so obvious for the past hour that you might suspect there is a padlock keeping it together.

“Let’s not be so hard on her.” Wendy whispered with a grin as Nat remain oblivious of her surroundings. By the time the rain subsides, it was already two o’clock in the morning.

Creation Office still runs in the normal hour, yet Nathalie, being their top director only came during the night. All decisions of the Office were usually handled by Rigel, acting as the chief. Wendy turned her gaze to and fro from this duo. They seem to be so much intimate and yet contrasting at the same time.

“I wouldn’t say we have come very far.” Nat finally spoke. “But I sure spend quite some time on you guys, isn’t it? Regardless of my none existing achievement.” She gave a tiring smile. Yet another draft laid undecided was born tonight. Unsatisfied might not be the most suitable word to describe what she was feeling right now.

Unfinished. Yes. Unfinished might be the perfect reason why she felt a bit empty even after pouring much of her thoughts out.

Rigel wraps her arm around Nathalie’s neck. It felt really warm.

“We must be the happiest characters out there.” Rigel said in her soft voice. “I’m glad we met.”

Nathalie tilts her head, having her cheek touching Rigel’s arm. “I’m glad I stayed.”



[It wasn’t even planned but all my Creation Office EX (yes, as in exercise. I know it’s lame XP) always end up with this kind of scenes and conversations. Maybe I should consider bringing them out somewhere for a change. If you have reach this sentence, thank you for sticking with me for so long ^^ ]

The White Plaster That Had Gone Yellow


Claire sat in the usual seat. Red in a slightly dull sense as the seat was probably not washed over the years of giving the public a place to rest their legs. Her eyes hover from her hands to the big clock on the opposite wall. The motion of her fingers and hands did not pause as they fold the paper in hand. They were paper cranes. Lots and lots of paper crane.


Five more minutes.


Maybe just another one before I go up.  Claire counted the paper which is left unfold and tucked it into a small bag, already filled with paper cranes in shades of pink, light blue and yellow beside her.


She took everything with her and followed the crowd towards a small elevator. They stopped in every floor, letting people off. It was hard to notice anything else as Claire waited for the usual floor to arrive and squeeze pass to get off.


By the time she reaches the door, it was exactly the visiting hour.


Claire went to fetch the usual gown from the cupboard beside and hand washed her hands with the antiseptic rub hung beside the door. Cold air escapes out for a moment when she slides the door close. It was always quiet in the intensive care unit. Even the nurses took turn to sit in their nurse station, waiting, in case anything happens to anyone with all the machines hooked up.


She wouldn’t say he might have had a nice dream but his face does give an impression of ease at the moment. There are times when he had too much phlegm in his tracheostomy and had to be aspirated. It was scary. Really. It does.


Claire took her cellphone out and plug in the earphones. One for her and one for him. Hitting play, she let the playlist that he had liked to play as she leans beside him, not because she liked to close the distance but because the wire was too short to be otherwise. She didn’t want any cold or fever to go to him now that their little sister was staying home of fever and cold.


She didn’t like the music. Brass band, being his favorite since he’s in one. Yet she listened to it anyway, just as the white plaster in the hospital wall turned yellow, accompanying countless loved ones beside their bed. For years and years to come.


Creation Office EX 10


Kitty tugged on Rigel’s sleeve, refusing to move or talk with tears rolling in her eyes. Nathalie lay silently with her eyes closed, rubbing her crumpled forehead. Papers filled with their handwriting are scattered all over the meeting table, thrown carelessly like it was worth nothing.


“You shouldn’t have gone that far,” snapped Rigel, giving a hard stare before kneeling down to wipe Kitty’s face. “We’re just starting over. You can’t expect us to run everything smoothly like it was when all you did was merely stopping by a few minutes every now and then.”




“Rigel,” Kitty shakes her head with those beckoning eyes.


“It’s my bad for being busy, okay?” Nat replied, soft and barely heard. “Argh!! Why must it be this difficult?!” She shouts and messes up her hair, as if that would clear her head up.


Rigel hesitates, holding her out reached hand in midair. Silence settled in and Nat found herself woken up in her bed, away from Creation Office once more.




P/S: In such moments, don’t you just want someone to say the right words that you’re hoping to hear? Wishing that some things could stay the same. Hoping that you would stay optimistic. And sometimes, half wishing you did not admit how difficult it is to do what you’ve always wanted to do. I wish to be closer to you once more. =’) And while I find my way back to you, please wait for me.