You’d probably understand by now that my major flaw is my storytelling. I have limited words and things to share between spaces.

The way I see things and the way I describe by the truth which I see, may not be the way you would perceive.

But that is too, a blessing in my flaws. For you shall see what you desire, from a different perspective from mine.

Words are imaginative. Giving as much shape and appearance to something you might not even set eyes on, fantasy and reality at its best.

So here I am, speaking to you now which may confuse you further. Yet if it exists, even the slightest hint of my true intentions seem clear to you, we may have shared the same flaw, perfectly fine.


What My Writing Is About

I make awful first drafts, at times thrown away. And even when I manage to finish it, if it could even be defined as done, it would bare little resemblance to the first thing that came out of my mind. Not because it wanted to be heard but it’s my voice that wished to be spoken. So much so that it doesn’t matter if I speak gibberish.

In rearranging and rephrase, I make out the meaning. My thoughts on paper fell into pieces and reassembled. Becoming what I would and never could become, in words and stories, this realm held too much positivity and dreams that reality may seem too cruel.

But maybe because I was away, far from demons’ sight. I see darkness because I have light.


If words need prompt

Wisdom require fail

Then our inspirations will need

Something to avail

Take one step ahead

Leave one step behind

Go sideways and turn

Who cares if it’s one heck of a ride