Fight For a Good Cause


When life gives you lemon

Make lemonade

If you don’t feel like drinking it

Sell it




She questions, at times

Was questionable of the way we differ

And she is right

I left

P/s: A tree does not demand a branch to grow the way it wants. There is only one direction, whichever way it is still up.

Babysitter’s Daughter 2



Remember all the scary stories you tell your siblings when you heard it from your friends at school? The kid at my home apparently found her worst nightmare so far.

Momo. The suicidal challenge phenomenon which got really popular at some point.

She describes it as big eyes and sharp smile. But you get the idea. Her father showed her from the news and she got so frightened that she abstained from all her electronics. To make it even better, I said she stayed in the internet when she asks if Momo lives in our neighbourhood.

My mother didn’t know about this part but answered the kid that the nintendo wii have internet connection as well. In the end? She don’t dare to play the wii, watch her ipad or even ask for my mom’s phone to play.

We have plenty of toys and small characters for her to play. To entertain herself, she talks in english and gibberish. It was funny and when we thought she was talking to us, even the ‘I’m not talking to you’ is cute. XD

At first we thought it wouldn’t last long but it still is. She had some nightmares for the first few days ’cause she cried when she woke up from nap. Momo might be a scary nightmare to her, but in our opinion, that might just be the thing she needed right now to get an enjoyable childhood. =P