I’m at a lost for words

In mourn



You know when a storm comes in? The way you can see the clouds rolling in deep dark shades, sunlight can barely penetrate into your room. Temperature drops and you can almost smell the scent of rain from afar. Imagining that it has started to rain in a distance, you’d be very well aware when the sound of rain approaches.

Thunders growl occasionally, once you have ducked under a roof, rain felt like hail and roared even louder overhead. The tar road before you went from grey to total black in a matter of seconds. Splatters of raindrops forcing their way in as the wind blows while you tried to back away under the building.

But we never get away with dry and warm clothes. We’d eventually need to go somewhere. And when we do, it’s a matter of whether the rain is heavier or the thing that you need to attend is more important.

An umbrella still serves its purpose but your legs would still feel the dampness and often, whatever you are wearing will be wet.

Running into your car, you’d be grateful for the momentary silence. As you become more aware of your surroundings, the sound of rain would seem to resonate within your car. When the radio was not on and the engine running, driving on slippery road, the only shelter you’d find is when you drove under a flyover.

No rain. No sound. Your hands cold from the rain and air-conditioning. You may not even be focusing on the road, driving the same route you took for the last 3 years.

What was in your mind?

To brave the storm or seek cover while it passes?

And while you hesitate, the car leaves the silence and into the thundering rain.


The rain heeds no order

From your joy or sorrow

If you’d like a sunny day

For a day out by the beach

Step on the puddles

Bring your own umbrella

Get soaked to the skin

It doesn’t matter what he say

To have a good day