How I Fell For Writing

Days like this makes one wonder. Working from home yet slightly away from public sight, my mind roams whenever it is not occupied. Moving from one thing to another, my references came in forms of drama, anime, novel and songs. This piece of emotion. Their desire and motivation. The story behind each character. A world where it only exists in fictional.

It’s a chores sometimes to emphatize. But those are the stuff that fuels word; waves that carry a ship. Being hole-less will make me afloat.

The love that binds me was the same fluttering which moves me. Living by itself is an experience. And the way it could transcend, one of it, was through writing.

At first it was merely a way to achieve my selfish desire. All the fantasy and fictional story moves to fulfill my dreams. It was a simple mission to have fun. And it comes in chapters, ending in satisfaction while it unrolls itself to a complete story.

Yet reading brings me to various literature, setting more examples of my shortcomings. I eventually found the fun in creating. Playing with words and their format. The rhythm and rhyme. First alphabets of your hidden secret.

My hands soon ventures out to write anything it can get their hands on. Prompt generators. Thoughts about another blog. The fleeting issue in a drama. This progresses to the fact that I have not written any diary for as long as I can remember starting my creative writing. I guess the reality cease to be the voice in my heart. They lay in my memories, mostly backing the things that I have written but almost always nothing close to its original resemblance.

And I continue to ask myself why.

And how I did not stop.

The closest answer I could give is probably because I get a certain relief and clarity after I gave my thoughts, opinion and emotion a shape. And a place to stay, snuggled up in stacks and books untouched other than the dust that accumulated, my writings would bring a little life when I go back to it.


Love Never Dies

Phantom of the Opera Fan fiction. Not that you would complain if you side the Phantom (or maybe just a little).

(Link disappears in 48hours)

Fans rejoiced at the news, when they announce that sequel of the Phantom of the Opera will be streamed free. Some knew while most didn’t know there is a sequel to it.

Regardless of their original novel, both musicals should be interpreted as a remake by Andrew Lloyd Webber and his crews. Give and takes, I still enjoyed the whole theater and music composition. While the story and characters may or may not be the way you’d imagine, LND is still a solid act.

Set apart by a decade, both Phantom and Christine of this version was of the Australian’s. Chemistry wise, I would have preferred Ramin and Sierra yet due to the difference in timeline and sentiments, I don’t think Ben and Anna was any lack luster.

Gustave fits well in the musical. The story was well executed and the stage transition despite being a smaller stage might have been better than their predecessor. While all the side characters are still good, Raoul might have been the only one left behind. Without spoiling, I advice you to see and judge by yourself.

Nonetheless, the music is still enjoyable and the orchestra resonances the Phantom of the Opera atmosphere.

If perfection will never be, let there be trial without regret.

P/S: London cast soundtrack



Door key, car key, wallet and phone

Umbrella during the rainy season

The bills on the fridge

Groceries to pick up after work

Clean myself and the house

As I jump into my bed, made every morning

Alarm sets for tomorrow’s sunshine

I made a mental note of what is to come


The Phantom of the Opera Musical

There has been a free viewing of The Phantom of the Opera on Youtube. It was a live musical in the royal Albert hall, temporary available for 48 hours during the weekend.

If you are a classical novel reader, this story should not be unfamiliar. Even for the songs, some might have heard a few songs from this tale.

Starting off as an auction, the story unfolds with a great entry by the orchestra. The stage was majestic, with the orchestra situated on the first level, large screen stretched from the stage and extends high above the orchestra. It was fully utilized, giving backdrops and the epic scene of the falling chandelier. A movable lift was made into part of the opera house’s setting, giving a decent visual effect when the phantom drags Christine into his territory and when Raoul pursues them.

Even the side characters, their singing and acting was point on. The dancers, all the details they had in their moves, clothes and choreography was very good in the masquerade song.

The Phantom had a very good voice, fully depicting the emotion in the songs as every scene took place. Even with his mask, his gaze was part of his acting soul. While Christine was being herself: accepting, escaping, surrendering and eventually being set free, all the high and low of this story was well captured. I find myself following all the emotions.

Watching this musical late into the night and finishing just right before the due, I could say that all was very well worth it. I had goosebumps while watching the show and it was something I’d like to watch live if given the chance.

Bravo to all the people involved and may the industry stay flourish.


What Spotify Free Taught Me


Advertisement is a time to rest. Just like life.


6 skips per hour actually slowly conditioned me for not skipping songs. More songs that I never heard or might have just skipped by their intro was given another chance for me to know them.


The playlist library is a good place to get a similar vibe as a whole. No other platform has done it better than Spotify, yet.


No DJ and news like usual radio act as a good way to cut off from the world. Just enjoy the music.