All I Want

I would leave the keys under the door mat

Sit in the sofa with the lights on

Till the midnight shows stopped

Talking, to myself

For I could imagine you walking

Through that door, my finger pointed

No matter how long it takes

We shall meet


The Singles


Remember where you started looking? Passively hoping someone will notice you, you change whichever required to get another’s attention. At times, you make the first move. But regardless, we all wanted the same thing.

I deeply believe that getting together should not be the hard part.

Staying together is.

And when the easy was hard, it isn’t going to be easier when its hard.

You can change your hairstyle; get a new pair of glasses and maybe change your wardrobe or make-up style. But it doesn’t change who you are, and even the desire and need you had will still have the same standard.

Because we do not need less when we have enough.

Until we meet each other, both sure of each other, let’s all fall in love and live life.