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[Unnatural Fanfic] Friends

Mikoto took the wrapped beef with kimchi in a single bite. The food tasted better with all the sizzling bgm and taste of barbeque. The humming of “oishi” came out naturally as she continues to bite on the heavenly taste.

Shoji Yuko could not hide her smile at the sight of Mikoto. Truthfully the most honest side of her she have seen so far. But what was she to complain anyway? Mikoto is an easy colleague to work with and a good partner in crime if you can count a friend bailing you out after waking up beside a dead person.

“Ahh…I’m just glad this ended. I think I’m getting traumatized in knowing new guys. Is there any proper man out there anyway?” Yuko said to her cup of sake.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine with or without, but not that I’d wish you to be single, life just goes on.” Mikoto replied as she pour herself another cup, obviously she needs a lot to be drunk and there is work tomorrow.

“You know what, if only you are a guy, I’d be head over heels for you by now.” Yuko confessed and shoved a piece of meat in between her drinks.

“What, me?! Don’t joke this way,” Mikoto answers laughingly.

“Your ex doesn’t know what he is missing out. Even if Mikoto have some secret, you don’t make a bad partner. I mean, in a relationship, you will get there when you get there.”

“Yuko…” Mikoto felt flattered and sad at the same time, “I’m sorry..for being so hurtful today, you know…about us not being friends.”

It came out slowly and Yuko could not believe her ears for a second. “Honto ni? Yookata detsu~” (Really? That’s a relief~)

Yuko refilled Mikoto’s cup and looked straight into her eyes, “I was beginning to doubt humanity already.” She said in a serious tone but end up breaking to her usual chuckles. At that moment, Mikoto could not hold back her grin.

This feeling, it must be the feeling of being alive, thought Mikoto.

“Arigato neh, Yuko. For everything.” Mikoto answered and sunk back into silence.



“You can count on me, okay? I’ll always be here for you.” Yuko said with a hand on Mikoto’s shoulder.

Mikoto smiled back and made a mental note.

I’ll tell her the truth, someday.

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Creation Office EX 17


“Now stop where you are, Nat. I’m not done with you yet.” Rigel huffed with anger as she stomps with her wide strides behind Nathalie. But the figure in front of her did not respond and continued to walk swiftly through the automatic doors of the office. Their office, to be exact.


Nathalie could feel the exact moment when the cold air from the air conditioner came rushing out of the office, feeling the large temperature difference, she sneezed and trembled a bit. Leaving the cicadas cry, the door closed behind them.


The office was silent and slightly dim. No one was in during the weekend. As they walked pass through the rows of cubicles, Nathalie turned and pushed the meeting door open into the familiar room. The exact same table across a small corner of sofas,well lit due to the glass doors. Just the way it is.


Nat stopped abruptly, “Rigel, give me a…”, both in her steps and sentence. Not again. Not something that would hurt her. She sigh and took a deep breath.


“I know it’s not looking good with the matter now. But I promise I’m really doing what I could.” Nathalie turned to look Rigel in the eye, “You know how much this means to me.” Rigel dropped her shoulders at the sight of her pained expression.


“Don’t we both?”


“So are you saying that we should make a choice then?”


“If it means saving one of it, I’d not let both sunk in vain.”


Nathalie held her arms and said, “Even if it’s….No. I can’t do this. Not between you and me.”




“I will make it work out. I promise.” Her eyes were determined and Rigel could not stand her ground anymore. “Alright…sigh…Let’s get working then. Remember what you said.”


Nathalie smiled sheepishly and replied, “I love you too, Rigel.”


If life could be valued by a certain quantity, Rigel would wish that it could be measured by love.



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[Miss Sherlock Fanfic] By My Side

Sherlock saw a dagger flashed out from the culprit’s pocket. The way he held the hilt and its length. That height and stance. Wato had her back against him and Sherlock made her move.

Sherlock grabbed Wato by her shoulders and forced her to swap places with her. As surprised as Wato with Sherlock’s sudden move, Sherlock cringed at the sharp pain spreading from her lower back.


Wato shouted as she see Shibata knocked out the person and held him into a body lock.

Sherlock’s knees went weak and she could feel warmth spreading across her shirt. That was more painful than expected, she thought to herself.

Sherlock! Sherlock! Answer me!

Wato’s face was teary and ugly, Sherlock laughed at the idea of it.

You’re loud, Wato…

*** ***** ***

Sherlock woke up to that familiar smell of disinfectants and temperature. Hospital ceiling. Branula on her left arm. She took a glimpse at the attachment. Normal saline. Sherlock raised her eyebrow. Nothing serious.

There is a firm bandage across her abdomen, dull pain underneath but still bearable. No vital organs involved. Check.

Sherlock grinned to her own sweet victory, exactly 3.35am in the morning.

*** ***** ***

A familiar figure was fast asleep beside her. Wato with her head upon her arm and half of her face hidden underneath her now disheveled hair.

Sherlock listened to her breathing, loud and clear in the silent night. Thinking that it might tickle her face, Sherlock lifts Wato’s hair gently and tucked it behind her ear.

The sleeping lion stirred and her eyes snapped open.


Awaken by her own nightmare, Wato could not make out where she was at the instant but someone held her hand and gave it a squeeze.

“Wato, it’s ok. It’s just a dream.” Sherlock replied in a whisper. Wato had never felt such a warm and gentle side of Sherlock, despite being observant yet she never said it out loud, well, never in a good manner anyway.

Emotions welled up within her and Wato found herself hugging Sherlock, feeling her twitch and settle in her tight embrace.

“Wato.” Sherlock sounded apologetic.

“Baka.”, Wato replied with a trembled voice.

Sherlock sigh and said, “I’ve never made any mistake in my judgement.”

“Well I don’t like your judgement,” Wato snapped and sat on the side of her bed. “And I felt helpless every time I follow you. It’s as if..”

Sherlock raised her finger to stop her mid-sentence.

“Wato, I have a doctor following me around. Relax.” Sherlock grins and continued, “It’s more than I could ask for.”

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