I shall leave my lights on

For you to see across the street

I am home

But the doors will open

Just knock

If you haven’t try



I wouldn’t fall for you

Not without gravity

And the distance we have measured

In light years

Even when we are in the same universe

Still too far to travel

I fell in love with the dinosaurs

In the 21st century

If Money Wasn’t a Problem


People often say they’d travel

Make good deeds

But I know I would want to

Build and own a library

Filled with books Marie Kondo would never

Throw away

They spark joy, in each and every page

Another world would unfold

While I fill them all along the walls

Until it reaches the roof

I’d see their faces with their books

Bought back and returned

A piece of memory of the things written

Shared and felt even when it was supposed to be long lost

We make each other more

Than we last read


For Joy

What was the point to play

Hide and seek

When we were never younger

It is a waste of time

Like the act of blowing bubbles

It flew with giggles

The act was never meant to move

But to give joy a form

A happiness fabricated by playing

How I Spent My Birthday

I received it yesterday, a day before in surprise. It left a smile on my face as I drank beer and watch drama until a little near midnight.

I slept slightly later than usual since I took a day off from work.

Breakfast at nine in the morning and at ease does felt a bit different since others went to work as usual. There was less crowd compared to the weekend.

Getting wishes from my cellphone and spending a little bit of time playing games, the morning went by in a flash before I start another streak of nintendo wii games with the kid my mom babysits.

It was a charm. We’d make noises and laughs as we play, tumbling and trying again after defeats.

The evening was hot so we hid in the air-conditioned room, watching the drama from yesterday with my mom.

There are things that I should be doing but I didn’t. It’s like I took a day off from life as well. No work. No responsibilities. No worries. Still single but that doesn’t matter at the moment😂

I’d just want to say, happy birthday. Wishing you an equally happy year ahead.

P/s: To the future me, if you happen to look back and see this, do remember that I will always root for you, whatever and whichever way you choose to be. With love, sf.