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[Fall 2016] Yuri On Ice

Chase your dream


This is a story of an overly anxious professional figure skater, Yuuri Katsuki in his slump streak seeking direction of his future while trying to avoid gaining weight for his love of pork cutlet. After his figure skating video went viral, his idol Victor Nikikorof came to be his mentor.

Another highlight of the show is his rival Yuuri Plisetsky, while being a prodigy, enjoy as he realized his weaknesses and continue to change along the series. Many other national representatives along with their own charm and routine is another enjoyment for figure skating fans.

While this series might seem a bit weak as a sports anime, it doesn’t falter with its spectrum of characters and a tinge of bromance.

Recommended for people that likes figure skating or just in a mood for a comedy sports anime that is slightly relaxing.


[Fall 2015 & 2016] Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans Season 1 & 2

Everything comes at a price.


Anyone who is a fan of the franchise Gundam would know that this particular series is slightly different from the others, having the main casts in adolescent age range in mutiny, viewers may feel or think that some of the decision and plot progression were forced. Even so, it is still an animation of giant robots fighting with each other at war to protect or fight for something they believe.

As a whole, the soundtrack and action scenes were still satisfying for a Gundam series. Some of the characters are relatable and some deaths are deemed necessary even if a lot of fans out there think that it is a mere waste of time.

Without giving too much spoilers, let’s just say this series is recommended for people who are fond of fighting scenes while hardcore fans of series like Lelouch may need to steer clear as your destination might not be as you’d imagine. If an ending of a series which does not meet your expectation would spoil the whole series, try this with caution.


[Spring 2017] Tsuki ga Kirei

The miracle of first love


This is a standard middle school romance of a guy named Kotarou (a writer in literature club) and a girl Akane (a short distance runner in track and field club) of how they saw and fell in love with each other.

This story depicts the details of how people interact, act and overcome obstacles of being in a relationship. From a standard point of texting each other to having rivals and confessions by another guy and girl, watch this couple fight yet another trial as Akane’s father gets transferred.

Will the rivalries win? Will the distance separate them apart?

Recommended for anyone that is just looking for a classical romance of first love. Have a cup of tea as you reminisced how you fell in love the first time in your life. In this story, having your first love as the first mutual relationship is a classic miracle in life. Cheers to that!


[Summer 2012] Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

No matter who we are born to be, we are free to choose and decide


This is a family anime movie of a girl named Hana who fell in love with a werewolf. The main arc of the story depicts the life of their children, Yuki and Ame, an elder sister and a younger brother who are both confused and learning in becoming both human and wolf.

While they have their share of problems in growing up and living along side with the neighbourhood society, enjoy the small miracles and laughters as they grow up to become the person they wish to be.

Recommended for people that enjoys a slight fantasy twist of a slice of life animation, enjoy heart-warming moments and the different directions where adolescent goes.



[Summer 2001] Spirited Away

It felt like nothing happened, but I knew it did.—–The purple hairband


Chihiro, the main protagonist that happens to move to another place following her parents was found to be trapped in a ghost-like town after night fall. As she struggles to  survive in that world with a little help from Haku (the male character that can turn into a dragon), witness Chihiro’s growth from losing her name to become Sen into a proper working staff under Yubaba. A little crybaby like her with her parents turned into pigs, Chihiro must find a way to return to her own world.

This felt like a growing-up / adolescent movie that teaches us the different attitude and ways of the society if you read deep into the characters. For a starter, just enjoy the magical experience from Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli. I hope this could show you the excitement and entertainment that many of us shared as a hobby. Cheers!

Recommended for all walks of life and be impressed by the unique God and Spirits in this movie~


[Summer 2009] Summer Wars



This is a movie of a boy Kenji that was invited by his senior, Natsuki as her part timer boyfriend on her trip back to her hometown. From the sight of her huge household,you can expect a whole level of family unity as they face a terrible artificial intelligent running amok in OZ (a virtual world connected by internet). While they try to stop the AI before it causes more destruction to their reality, the head of the household is something you should look out for.

It’s a movie under 2 hours so feel free to watch it on a relaxing weekend. This is more of a family orientated animation so feel free to watch it with your siblings or even parents. The strong point of this story, other than the animation and vivid characters, it will make you want to root for them even though you do not know any of the words or what it meant.

Recommended for those who liked Studio Ghibli movies but yet not into anime series, some examples include Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. May you have a fun summer as I am =D