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[Summer 2019] Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo

Kuzu no Honkai’s friend

This is a coming of age story with five girls in the literature club, going about youth and it’s struggle.

The realization of liking someone; the struggle with risking friendship and understanding your true feelings, this is a mixed bag of small pieces coming in together for a common cause.

It’s a well-rounded story and had a proper ending point. If you like to watch drama and relationship stuff, this is yours.

Extra toppings where they used sexual words and hints in this series, I find it funny if you didn’t take everything too seriously.

Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[Winter 2020] Dorohedoro

From the creators of Kakegurui and Yuri on Ice in Mappa style. Your trusted brand.

I hesitated when I first saw this series. 3D pop-up animation doesn’t sit well in my preferable animation style. I guess Knights of Sidonia left a bad impression but luckily Dorohedoro has not overused it and sometimes it fits the action.

This is a weird story with a setting of an amnesia-struck lizard head guy Caiman hunting for the sorcerer that had done that to him. Accompanied by his friend Nikaidou, embarks on a journey to find links and stories back to his past. On his journey, secrets will be discovered and another mafia family with their own quirky members shall add spice to the whole pot.

It isn’t your typical anime so it might not appeal to many. And yet if you managed to get hooked after easing in their story, the whole series does well. A very good all-rounder in terms of style, animation and seiyuu. The background music was lacking but you wouldn’t notice it much.

If you enjoyed Kekkai Sensen, give this a try.

Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[Winter 2020] Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!

Where did all the animator and director come from

When we were kids, did you remember why you like to do certain stuff? Probably not, rather the act of you getting passionate and dedicated would be a part of your childhood or youth memory.

This was what Eizouken reminded me about. This is a story of three girls, defying rules and approval in pursuing their passion of anime making. The backdrops, settings, movements, animation effects and even the logistic part of the making were included into this anime. Similar to shirobako and new game, they are an eye opener to the back of the scene work of all the ideas and process.

Even the presentation of this animation, the way they depict imagination getting into the real world, it was a nice new experience.

Unique animation and ideas like this doesn’t come often. And when they do, I always love what I see.

Recommended for people who are curious and full of imagination, this is one of our animation dreams come true.

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[Winter 2020] Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu

Unorthodox gamer anime: Shield, poison dragon, angel, alien vs predator and strike witch

Newbie VR gamer Maple brings you to a world of maxing defence for her gaming, going on a slightly bizzare world of acquiring skills and gameplay style with her friend Kaede aka Sally.

It was a slow start, truthfully I did not get into the mood of watching this series at first. By the storyline, you can watch it at a casual pace. The characters were nice, relatable and the highlights of the game event were very nice to watch.

By the mid of the series, I was completely satisfied with the players’ composition and chemistry with their special ideas of skills. If you need a breather and plays a bit of game, feel free to give this a try.

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[Fall 2019] Beastars

Defy and embrace instinct

After Dr Stone, I think the continuation of serious toned anime really brings down the atmosphere at times.

Beastars is an anime which depicts the society of herbivores and carnivores trying hard to resist premitive instinct while struggling to accept who they are.

Was it wrong? What changes do they want? Was it anger or fear?

This series truly set itself apart with the CG animations; one which doesn’t seem awkward and even brings out the character more than anything else.

Legoshi the wolf and Haru the rabbit, each have their own dark past and motivation gave a good starting point to the series: can they be close without the relationship of a predator and prey?

Nothing was clear cut and no character was replaceable. Each voice in the story shows a small part of humanity, between tolerance, honesty, sarcasm, bullying and even the good guy character in every circle, society could not shy away from the harsh reality while they live on.

There were good questions and acceptable answers. I believe there will be more to see in Beastars, going to the root of problem and getting our main protagonist to embrace adulthood.

Recommended for those who likes deep stories.

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[Spring 2019] Kimetsu no Yaiba

Extreme grit

It’s been a while since I last seen some shounen fantasy anime. Ufotable plus the water and fire animation was great. The subtle 3D CG looks decent enough and thanks to the story of the manga, it was well paced and quite engaging from the start.

Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko no doubt would get fans of their own and the new recruit threesome, boar-head and crazy yellow is funny as it is.

A nice plus is Yuki Kajiura with her ost and Fictionjunction feat Lisa in their opening and ending song. Those were nice enough for me to skip it at bare minimum whenever I watch a new episode.

Fans of such genre should not miss this series. It felt nice to root for Tanjirou and slightly embarrassed of the determination that I have when compared to him. I hated pushing my own limits and dislike chasing certain things when I am not that interested or keen of it.

Maybe I should try harder. Maybe. XP

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[Summer 2019] Given

Nice OST and insert song

The guitars were the things that piqued my interest. Luckily it was a short 11 episode series and truthfully nothing too cheesy for a shounen-ai tag.

It’s like first love for all the guys. Plus a few background stories that seems to add depth to the characters. I could totally imagine a “Nana” like manga series.

If you are a fan of band or just simply know Nana or Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, then this is surely a recommended choice. Otherwise, unless you are opened to slice of life, romance with a tinge of music and boys love, then give it a try.

The worst you can do is drop it. XD


Spoiler song ahead:

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[Fall 2017] Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

Post-world war apocalypse and still surviving

What would be left to talk about when the world ends? Apparently still ample to make it a proper series.

The last journey of two girls Chito and Yuuri relying on each other to live and relocating frequently for source of fuel and food, the word ‘ryokou’ sounds surprisingly light-hearted as it more or less meant vacation.

There was so little sign of life that throughout the series, only a handful of actual living person (or a fish) appeared. Realistic Chito and mood-maker Yuuri managed to strike a balance, even when the situation looks devastating, there was always a faint hope between them.

Little stories and lessons like the beauty of nature, drinking ‘golden liquid’ (er-beer-hem) and the mystery deity was certainly one of the more memorable things I loved about the series.

I guess this kind of anime would not be as welcomed as the main stream ones. If you tried the first episode and found it boring, this might not be the thing for you. But if you liked Kino no Tabi or Ookami no Koushin ryou, I’d recommended you to try this.

Spoiler scene!

Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[Spring 2019] Carole and Tuesday

Studio Bones and their songs

It doesn’t felt like a japanese made anime. The songs were well written and sung by natives. Voice actors were well chosen and even the galactic feel of the artists in this series were well spread out and balanced.

It took a long time to have this series completed but it was enjoyable.

As if we’d forget the pure intention of melodies at its roots, Carole and Tuesday may have depicted the way we all started out in our passion. Plain fun and happiness.

Recommended for whoever enjoys musical, song writing and especially for those who had never tried watching anime, it might be the thing for you.


Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[Summer 2019] Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note

Fate background mystery anime, no complaining if that was not what you were anticipating

The art was good. Music was done by Kajiura Yuki (one of the reasons, fate world wouldn’t be complete without Kajiura’s ost). The setting was decent with minimal reference, solid character and yet knew it place to never overshadow the main Fate franchise’s Holy Grail war.

I took the series up due to curiosity but it did exceed my expectation. The mystery isn’t something over the top but I still tend to look forward to the next arc.

So I like to root for the underdog and the series writer was good enough to give him a powerful disciple.

There was no need to rush. It’s been a while since I started and continued watching an on-going series. At some point, this anime did well in making me comfortable at its own pace.

If you are those kind of people who reads fanfic when you are into Harry Porter series, Lord El-Melloi II Sei would be a proud side story to its Fate franchise.