[You Are Under Arrest Fanfic] Beside You

You Are Under Arrest: Natsumi x Miyuki

“Natsumi!” Kobayakawa Miyuki called as soon as she opens the door into the hospital room 134. A familiar figure sat propped up with a pillow, her right arm fixated and slung across her chest.


“What’s the matter, Miyuki?” Tsujimoto Natsumi asked gently with a weak smile, half expecting a harsh scolding from her ex-partner in Bokuto station. They used to be a pair but since Natsumi was transferred to the headquaters Miyuki has never came to visit other than their occasional phone calls.


“How could you not tell me when something this big happens?!” Miyuki rushed towards her with a serious expression, her hands immediately reached for her collars and tighten to a grasp. “I was so worried when I heard it from the others that I…” Miyuki stopped abruptly, her voice trembled and slightly breathless.


“Gomen.” Natsumi looked away, her expression turned sour but could not ignore the trembling hands still clutching her clothes. “I should have been more careful.”


“You’re sorry?!” Miyuki asked with a demanding tone, “You could have killed yourself!” Her voice peaked and you could have swore others could hear it echoes. Natsumi has never seen Miyuki so upset and angry, even with all the mess she causes, nothing near this. There was a terrorist attack in Tokyo and Natsumi was in it, with gun fires and explosions. The injury and death count were still raising as rescues continue after they managed to supress the attack. Unfortunately all were resolved to shot upon sight.


With a heavy heart, Natsumi lifted her left hand and touches Miyuki’s trembling hands. “Please, don’t act like this… I’m sorry our long last reunion is under such situation.” It breaks my heart to see you like this.


“You don’t understand at all do you, Natsumi?” Miyuki finally relaxes her hands and dropped to sit on her bed beside her. She could feel her eyes welling up. “I was so worried I never had such a hard time in my life, not even when I knew me and Nakajima could never be together.”


Tears started to flow and drops on Natsumi’s blanket.


“Miyuki. Miyuki?” Natsumi bends forward to touch her shoulder, eyeing Miyuki’s crying face. “Hey, I was extremely lucky to survive with such minor injury.” Natsumi tried to cheer Miyuki up, wringling her body in a funny manner.


It took Natsumi by surprise when Miyuki suddenly lunged forward and wrapped her in her embrace. Pain shot through her shoulder where she had a fracture but she clenched, unwilling to break such moment. This warmth. This scent. This frail yet strong arms…


“I don’t ever want to…lose you… Not anymore…” Miyuki said sobbing, “I love you Natsumi. More than I ever imagined. More hurtful to know you are doing well so far away that I could never said this out loud…But it was too hard…to swallow up this feeling, I…”


Never realize. Natsumi thought the same.


There was a moment of silence and pain began building up in Natsumi’s shoulder. But there was a greater pain in her chest.


“Miyuki, I…” Natsumi said yet hesitated. “I loved you even before I could bring myself to admit it.”


“And I still do.”


Natsumi’s word hovered in Miyuki’s thought that she loosens her arm, looking very surprised.


Natsumi could not help but had a pained expression on her face. Ahh, now I did it…I really said it. This secret that I should not have confess to.


As if Miyuki was stroke by another thought, she smiled and brought her lips to Natsumi’s. Soft, gentle and yet with a strong resolve. Just like the Miyuki I know.


And Natsumi kissed back like she never would, her heart screaming her pent-up confessions over and over again in her mind.