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[Spring 2017] Eromanga Sensei

A-1 pictures no bakaaaaaaaaa~~!!!!


Eromanga Sensei PV

From a light novel writer brother living under the same roof with his sister (technically without any blood relation) that is an illustrator and a shut-in, experience the harem that every guy (somehow a lie) would imagine~

Following OreImo premise, enjoy this slice of life with a tinge of borderline fan service! Anime harem formula= Brother loves Sister+ rival yellow head + rival purple head + summer yukata + swim suit beach episode + I still like you the most ending

Recommended: For people that enjoyed Harem/OreImo. If you happen to like Working! from the same studio, don’t expect it to be that similar. If you don’t enjoy slice of life anime, steer clear! You have been warned XD