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[JDrama] Boukyaku no Sachiko


I watched quite a lot of food related dramas recently. Maybe to make up for my lack of appetite, watching people enjoy food is as satisfying as mukbang videos (even better I guess). Sachiko is quite an oddball just like the main character from Gibo to Musume no Blues.

This story started with Sachiko getting ghosted by her fiance on her wedding day and embarks on the journey of moving on from him. Frequent flashbacks and slightly annoying reappearance of the guy, Shungo-san was weirdly plotted in a very Japanese style.

Her job as an editor and her interactions with weird writers and her colleagues made the drama funnier than expected. Surprising effects, sound and visual of food and her eating expression was another point to look out. Yet if you are looking for a more compact and good-driven plot, I advice you to try other dramas instead.

P/S: I was quite busy at work for some time now and such dramas was my comforting ‘food’. Now that it has ended for now, hopefully I can get back to my usual dramas, reading and blogging.


Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[JDrama] Grand Maison Tokyo


Kimura Takuya and French cuisine. What luxury you get in this age, probably an old wine that does not fit the young taste buds. As for me, I love the whole character settings and motivation. Such passion and concentration on their work, the effort of the director and the meticulous preparation of the cooking process were all enjoyable.

The main spotlight definitely felt like it would hang onto Obana but the limelight were equally shared among actors, particularly the owner and main chef, Rinko-san. The cooked up rivalry; gathering up a team; pushing for innovative menu all comes down to the pacing of the whole drama.

This wasn’t a drama I marathon-ed but I was equally satisfied when the finale came.

Recommended for those who wanted some light-hearted series in between dramas.



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[JMovie] Kohi ga Samenai Uchi ni

Present is a present.

The freedom we gained within the periphery of limitations is the best.

A mysterious cafe which can get you into the past (and future), is a good depiction of the things we look forward (and backwards).

This feels like “Time Traveller’s Wife”. But of course it’s a feeling, not the settings.

I can’t seem to find the translated novel online so I end up with the movie instead. Every small arc and the whole storyline fits well as a story. Each character with their own motivation and resolve were nice to see. A plus when logic fits with emotions.

Without spoiling the story, do give it a try if your choice of drama is similar to mine.

Before the coffee gets cold, dozo.

Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[JDrama] The Good Wife

Doubt and betrayal. Trust and belief.

I have not seen the American or the Korean version. As a law-based drama, the cases presented were decent, if not all, some were interesting and held some plot twist of its own.

The protagonist Harumi Kyoko, wife of a scandalized and suspect of corruption is forced to go back into work force after 16 years of being a housewife.

A former classmate Tada offered her a temporary job, having another young lawyer as her rival; the story unfolds by case while digging deeper into each character. Particularly Mr Harumi and his traps made him a very good tactician, the series felt more engaging in terms of drama and character emotion.

Madoka was a nice complement to the whole Kyoko development as a side character. Omitting details, let’s just say that Madoka made us understand Kyoko even more.

What strikes me most is the actors of this series, nobody was less than the other.

Recommended if you like crime/law genre with a tinge of messy interpersonal relationships.

Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[Jdrama] Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai


30-ish single man Kishibe Mitsuru with a history of 6 year not in employment sounds really scary. This is a story of a family with their own set of problems, living and solving them together.

The first character we saw was Mitsuru’s mother. She is very kind and gentle to accommodate him. Mitsuru with his coffee making and his mother with her cafe which was once ran by his father was the typical slice of life scenes you’d see.

His sister, Ayako and her family moved in for 3 months while their house was renovating, making a new resolution to force Mitsuru to get a job. The story unfolds with small bickering of dinner menus, Mitsuru’s weird jobs and his cute cousin Harumi.

This series was better than I expected it. Slice of life yet the sibling rivalry, step-father issue, non-employment, school and love relationships all wrapped up in a pot served like a nice steamboat.

There were more details in the story but I’ll leave it for you all to discover. I guess I have a soft spot for slice of life, family drama from Japan. If you happen to need some family drama or some sit back and relax series, this might do the trick.

But I’ll give a fair warning, Mitsuru does speaks a lot and can get on people’s nerve. Don’t force yourself if you don’t like him, teh heh. XP

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[JDrama] Mada Kekkon Dekinai Otoko

Non-accommodating quarrels are at times a sign of honesty in a relationship

The guy who can’t marry Kuwano Shinsuke was a japanese series I once saw many years ago. Coming out as odd and weird architect, the main actor was older and surprisingly easier to enjoy for its second season.

As the title suggests, the first season ended up breaking his potential suitor, coming back strong with three potential women in his life. This ten episode series ended up shedding more light on his good sides and provides a satisfying enough end if you dread the same fate as the first season.

Living as a single guy or woman isn’t as bad as you’d imagine and the relationship and bonds between the characters were fun to watch and require some geeky humour sense to find it amusing.

Nonetheless, there were parts that are both logical and sentimental in the point of the characters. Rather than the feeling of cut-out paperboard cliche people, side character actress (I screamed internally when I saw Fukagawa Mai, former Nogizaka46 member in the opening song), coffee bar owner and even Kuwano’s colleagues made the series better.

Tiny details such as the bull dog, weird snack and lots of banana was interesting to see.

For those who have seen the first season, I highly recommend you to continue. As for newcomers, you might want to try the first season “Kekkon Dekinai Otoko” and judge whether you’d like Shinsuke or not. Warning: Some might find him annoying and boring.

The theme of this drama would be eccentric single post-middle aged guy and his daily life.

Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[JDrama] Anone

I’d like to be a gentle grandma someday

Spoiler alert!!!

There is probably no center piece in this drama. Each character with their respective shards came together in a fraudulent money printing job sets out into their very own storyline.

Starting out from a homeless Suzu, the only youngster in the group is an honest and naive girl. Tracing back to Yuuko-san with the fraud money, adding up another fatally-ill curry shop owner and a tricky aunty, it’s a true mess if you were the scrip writer of such bunch.

What shines through was despite their differences, how similar they can be. Together or apart.

Emotions are worth living (and dying) for and tough times would make the normal days feel more precious than it usually would have.

The writer must have been a sentimental person.

My memories of this series are starting to fade, just like the memories of my last week’s meal. But there’s something worth holding on to, something to be remembered by.

There was a home created. In another person that you can go back to. The thought of someone always there for you, even far away, is the best lighthouse one sailor can have.