[SKE48 Fanfic] It’s a Date! (Not)

WMatsui aka JuriRena

Mastui Rena sat in a room she reserved for dinner, apparently in a yakiniku shop. As soon as she looks down to her wrist, the sound of the slide door attracts her attention.


“Have you just grown thinner, Jurina?” Rena blurted as soon as she caught sight of this mature adolescent smiling sheepishly while allowing herself into the room.


“Moh~ Rena-san, I believe you are eating your meals properly. No more excessive melon bun huh.” Jurina replied with her flat lips. This girl sitting across Rena was dressed in a white wool sweater and a simple trousers to give a natural look. But there was something different about Jurina. Rena could not pin point what it was.


A waiter comes in and took their orders, mainly meat and some vegetable to top off. “And why are we in a yakiniku shop when you are not into meat, Rena-san?” Jurina teased and heaves a thick mutton onto the sizzling plate.


“Jurina. You are working too hard these days that I have planned to just ruin your diet!” Rena replied with an evil smile and put another slice onto the plate.


“We can always go to a more decent shop, you know. It’s not that I would complain.” Jurina said. “By the way you have such a tan, Rena-san. Being train otaku is hard work too huh.”


“Not as hard as being in SKE, that’s for sure.” Rena chuckled and continued. “I hope you are not overworking yourself.”


“Hai~ I will take good care of myself oneesan!” Jurina answered with her cute voice and salutes Rena. I guess some things just doesn’t change. Rena laughed deep down.


A few minutes of silence passed with only the sound of sizzling and drinking. The gathering next door seems to be more heated and their voice floods this particular room too.


Jurina looked straight at the Matsui Rena, eating her vegetable soup. This is satisfying enough, looking at you. A smile painted over her face so obvious that Rena asked, “What’s with that face?”


“It’s nothing.” Jurina replied and finished up her glass of beer. She felt like an old man but who cares anyway since she is out with Rena-san.


After they have finished their dinner and Jurina being defeated to paying the bill, they stroll along the streets for a breather. The night is still young. Jurina thought as she had passed eighteen and the world seems to shed a new light. A new perception and a longer working hour.


“Jurina, I’m glad we had this meal together but what’s with the serious formal invitation?” Rena half-jokingly brought up the time when Jurina spelled her message in such formality just to invite Rena to dinner. Nobody could blame her though, Jurina had missed and longed for Rena ever since she graduated from SKE48. There were no more Wmatsui or JuriRena. No more meeting for MV shotting, CM, news report or even performance together.


“I’m not a kid anymore, Rena-san.” Jurina replied bitterly.


Rena felt a soft thump in her heart.


“But I’m happy to have Rena in my life.” Jurina suddenly turned to her and clasps her hand. “Please stay with me for a very long time!” Jurina bowed so deep her head dropped to Rena’s waist.


Jurina…Rena smiled and gave her a pat on the head.  You will always be my little sister.





Writer’s note: Some characters just can’t be out of character….sigh…