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[Kalafina Fanfic] To Be Continued

Keiko stared quietly onto her laptop screen. Her patent application reply from Shimosaka and Matsuda law firm had confirmed their submission. Her heart sank in the thoughts of this management turmoil as Wakana and Hikaru wait in patience. All three of them have yet to receive any new job, recording or meet-ups ever since her official exit from Kalafina.

The orange sunset forms a glitter beyond a building opposite of the coffee shop she was sitting in. “I should go and take a breather,” Keiko said to herself as she took off her pair of glasses.

Remembering her last conversation with the rest of the girls, it was on 2nd July where Hikaru had her birthday back in her hometown. Keiko packs her things into her bag and swings out of the cafe into the hot evening sun.


–pa pa      pa pa     pa      pa ja ma ja ma ja ma–


Hikaru opens her eyes, catching a glimpse of the clock beside her bed. I can still sleep a bit more, I guess. It was 5.30pm, Hikaru had slept for quite some time with her schedules all free since the last of Kalafina’s live. Reality did not hit her hard or as real as Kalafina went into a blank phase.

“Okiro, Hi-chan~”, as if she could hear the voice of Wakana in her usual tone, Hikaru drags herself up to change and decided to leave the building. Maybe staying indoors for too long makes me weird.

Hikaru, now in her sweat pants and a simple round neck t-shirt began to walk to a park near her house. Planning to at least get some fresh air, she plugs onto her phone’s playlist and began to walk.


Hikaru felt a deep sense of nostalgic upon the song. It was the first song she sang as a member of Kalafina, which used to be full of uncertainties now was sang in a determined tone. She walked along the jogging path of the park, now starting to be filled with people just after work and school.

“Keiko?”, A familiar long black hair figure appears at a distance but Hikaru could not believe her eyes, “masaka..” Yet, by the pace of her running, Hikaru would never dreamed of catching up to her. Slowly and eventually, Hikaru went and sat on a bench, losing herself into the world of Kajiura’s music.

“Hi—chan!” A sudden touch on the shoulder shatters Hikaru’s concentration and dragged her straight into reality. That familiar face, smile and her shining eyes were the last thing she’d thought she would see.

“Why so quiet all of a sudden? Don’t you miss me?” Keiko laughs and teased her while she took off her earphones.

“Ie, I’m just surprised that I could see you so soon, that’s all.” Hikaru replied with a wry smile.

“I bet you are thinking too pessimist right now.” Keiko sat beside Hikaru and pat her head softly, “It’s not good to make me worry about you, you know.” Silence dropped as the sun sets far west into the horizon.



“I’ll try my best,okay? So…you must do your best too.”


For as long as one could worry, nothing works better than getting your hands into work. I’ll go to the recording company tomorrow for some self-practice time, yossshh, ikuzo Hikaru.

“Let’s call Wakana and give her a surprise!” Hikaru grinned and swept all her doubts under the carpet. Keiko took out her phone and called Wakana, as the ringing tone beeps, she reminds herself to protect them as best as she could.


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[Kalafina Fanfic] To The Beginning

A decade of memories

While the sound of applause still flooding the stadium, Hikaru stepped into the back stage and stood along side Keiko, repeating thanks to all the live band members. Ten years. What a journey it has been, thought Hikaru.

As Wakana joined them for the last call, a sense of accomplishment filled their hearts. The threesome bowed and walked into their changing room.

“Otsukare”, said Keiko while she exchanges glance from Hikaru to Wakana, both looking stunning in their white dress. Wakana looked hard into her eyes, tears filled to the brim and fell down her cheeks while still having a smile on her face.

“Wakana…”, Keiko held her shoulder and said, “hoora, you’re making Hi-chan cry too..”

Hikaru, ashamed of her tears, hides her face behind her hands. This might just be the last time we would be together, thinking that Keiko would soon leave Kalafina following Yuki Kajiura-san’s departure, she could not depress all the sad emotions welling up.

“Hey..”, Keiko reached for Hikaru’s hand and squeeze, “we’ll do this again, I promise.”

“Well don’t jinx it, Keiko.” Wakana replied as she wipes her tears with a tissue passed to her by the staffs, “We would stay well together, neh Hi-chan.”

Hikaru felt Wakana’s arm wrapping around her shoulder, rubbing softly on her right. While Hikaru is still lost in her thoughts, not knowing what to say, Keiko tugged them closer to each other and whispers, “I’ll never forget all the times we had together, arigatou neh, Wakana, Hi-chan.”

Hikaru nods in reply and said, “Matta hajimaru yo ne, ii no imi de.” (Let’s begin again, in a good way)  

Notes: Kalafina 10th anniversary in Nippon Budoukan, Keiko announced her departure from Space Craft following Yuki Kajiura. Currently the company announced that the remaining two members will continue their activities, but no future plan had been made yet.