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[Korean Drama] The Crowned Clown

Spoiler alert! Unless I can hold my tongue, haha

I have always liked old school palace political dramas. Hong Kong dramas were the pioneer of such dramas and girl fights are as entertaining as war movies.

As the title suggests, this is a drama of a King with his substitute. Starting off with a constant rebellion and fear, the main protagonist tries to survive and gets into junkie mode.

Out comes the clown with the exact same face, it was fun to see the same actor with different personas. The writers had a distinct idea of the characters so the story and idea flows well. Actors were nice picks and I even liked how the bad guy with the beard can make you hate him and yet praise him for being a scary minister.

The best man Minister Lee which takes care of the King and the cute Eunuch Cho was another highlight of this show at the first quarter.

Proper tactics and palace dramas of three quarters of the drama was nice. However, the last part felt dragged out with romance fillers of the clown king and his now admittedly Queen.

Righteous low status King and part of the writer’s script was decent until the part the Queen had to make her stance. I do wished it was less cheesy and she did not made the choice by love. A feminist that puts the country first would be nicer but I can’t be that picky. I’m not those who likes Korean romance, but some are still bearable.

My drama rating: 7.5/10. Just because I’d like to write the script a bit different. Recommended for those who wants drama with a tinge (cringe worthy) of romance.

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[Korean Drama] When The Camellia Blooms

Single mother is as tough as two men when needed

It was a tough first half. As I struggle to watch each episode. But the characters were nice and had a real touch of humanity to it. I would have passed this series if not for the main actress Gong Hyo Jin.

Her depiction of Dong Baek and even the elder moms of the community was dramatic yet entertaining to watch. I was worried of a bad end and waited for spoilers to reassure me to finish this series.

The story pace picked up after halfway and the characters matures and showed different side of the story.

Watching it without analyzing made it a decent plot twist (even though you can half expect it anyway) and the last few episodes were a real tear-jerker for me.

Upon finishing the series, I’m proud to announce that it was a ride worth while. Recommended for sentimental souls.

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[Korean Drama] My Ahjussi

Spoilers ahead! And ramblings of course

Pitiful Manager Park, structural engineer meets the sad escapee Lee Ji An. Expect no more but to lick each other’s wound.

I have a lot to say when it comes to drama like this. It needs to feel at least possible in real life for it to be enjoyable. Not that this particular drama isn’t, but it was almost the way it turns out similar to the way I’d written it if it was me that made me a little…impatient while everything unfolds.

Following the same actress/singer Lee Ji-eun from Hotel Del Luna, I found this drama from a bit of research, hoping it would be good.

The characters were flawed in a good way yet some was a bit forced (yes, I’m talking about the loan shark. And the actress, the ex-director, or maybe even the bartender woman and her monk ex-boyfriend).

The pacing was decent and if you have a soft spot for deep feelings and empathy, this would be a sorrowful, painful yet one beating you’d want to take it anyway. But if you want to find something entertaining, I wouldn’t recommend this drama. Maybe some other day when you have enough comfort and spare time to watch it with your loved ones.

It was an ambiguous ending which took care of most of the important decisions. The good person is still a good person. The bad gets the punishment. They never really put a nail to the divorce (a very clever move since you never know which side the audience is on) and made the main character CEO of his own company. A surplus since they had the three colleagues in his safety team.

We should be satisfied with the end that they served. Which we think the least it could reward us after long hours of getting through the ending, the characters deserved it too.

But nothing more.

If there were something memorable in this drama, I guess the grandmother and the OST wins the prize.

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[Korean Drama] Hotel Del Luna Review (2019)

The reason for my absence: watching dramas is a time-consuming feat

I am not a big fan of korean drama but decided to try this with glimpses of the series. IU was fine as the berserk hotel owner Jang Man Woel (reminds me of yubaba in Spirited Away) and the human hotel manager Goo Chan Seong was the guy that acted in some series of a commoner replacing a korean king (many apologies for true fans ’cause I only knew his acting skills were nice with two characters of the opposite pole)

I knew the ending would not differ much from expectation since the beginning gives a fairly clear idea of which direction it is going. Despite the detours and curve balls it tries to throw, the characters grew and certain predictability in the plot was set due to the nature of the characters.

A hotel for the dead before passing on with staffs facing the same fate, this series involves previous lives and could be a bit like a puzzle piece while you put the timelines together.

I cannot deny the story was a bit sad, but the occasional over-reactions of comic relief, pun-intended jokes and flirting cheesy pick-up lines were adequate at its best.

Best highlights goes to the CG effects, hotel sceneries and the main characters’ clothes. Ghosts in this series were not on the shabby side even though you could barely compare it with true horror movies. The suits, dresses and clothing is something to admire while you see them change between scenes. My favorite goes to the shooting set, the large staircase in a spacious classy hotel lobby and Jang Man Woel’s personal office with her photographs for a thousand year’s worth of ‘working experience’.

Recommended for people who enjoys “Along with the Gods” movie with similar vibe, lessons and background setting.