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[Fall 2016] Yuri On Ice

Chase your dream


This is a story of an overly anxious professional figure skater, Yuuri Katsuki in his slump streak seeking direction of his future while trying to avoid gaining weight for his love of pork cutlet. After his figure skating video went viral, his idol Victor Nikikorof came to be his mentor.

Another highlight of the show is his rival Yuuri Plisetsky, while being a prodigy, enjoy as he realized his weaknesses and continue to change along the series. Many other national representatives along with their own charm and routine is another enjoyment for figure skating fans.

While this series might seem a bit weak as a sports anime, it doesn’t falter with its spectrum of characters and a tinge of bromance.

Recommended for people that likes figure skating or just in a mood for a comedy sports anime that is slightly relaxing.