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[Fall 2015 & 2016] Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans Season 1 & 2

Everything comes at a price.


Anyone who is a fan of the franchise Gundam would know that this particular series is slightly different from the others, having the main casts in adolescent age range in mutiny, viewers may feel or think that some of the decision and plot progression were forced. Even so, it is still an animation of giant robots fighting with each other at war to protect or fight for something they believe.

As a whole, the soundtrack and action scenes were still satisfying for a Gundam series. Some of the characters are relatable and some deaths are deemed necessary even if a lot of fans out there think that it is a mere waste of time.

Without giving too much spoilers, let’s just say this series is recommended for people who are fond of fighting scenes while hardcore fans of series like Lelouch may need to steer clear as your destination might not be as you’d imagine. If an ending of a series which does not meet your expectation would spoil the whole series, try this with caution.