[Unnatural Fanfic] Friends

Mikoto took the wrapped beef with kimchi in a single bite. The food tasted better with all the sizzling bgm and taste of barbeque. The humming of “oishi” came out naturally as she continues to bite on the heavenly taste.

Shoji Yuko could not hide her smile at the sight of Mikoto. Truthfully the most honest side of her she have seen so far. But what was she to complain anyway? Mikoto is an easy colleague to work with and a good partner in crime if you can count a friend bailing you out after waking up beside a dead person.

“Ahh…I’m just glad this ended. I think I’m getting traumatized in knowing new guys. Is there any proper man out there anyway?” Yuko said to her cup of sake.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine with or without, but not that I’d wish you to be single, life just goes on.” Mikoto replied as she pour herself another cup, obviously she needs a lot to be drunk and there is work tomorrow.

“You know what, if only you are a guy, I’d be head over heels for you by now.” Yuko confessed and shoved a piece of meat in between her drinks.

“What, me?! Don’t joke this way,” Mikoto answers laughingly.

“Your ex doesn’t know what he is missing out. Even if Mikoto have some secret, you don’t make a bad partner. I mean, in a relationship, you will get there when you get there.”

“Yuko…” Mikoto felt flattered and sad at the same time, “I’m sorry..for being so hurtful today, you know…about us not being friends.”

It came out slowly and Yuko could not believe her ears for a second. “Honto ni? Yookata detsu~” (Really? That’s a relief~)

Yuko refilled Mikoto’s cup and looked straight into her eyes, “I was beginning to doubt humanity already.” She said in a serious tone but end up breaking to her usual chuckles. At that moment, Mikoto could not hold back her grin.

This feeling, it must be the feeling of being alive, thought Mikoto.

“Arigato neh, Yuko. For everything.” Mikoto answered and sunk back into silence.



“You can count on me, okay? I’ll always be here for you.” Yuko said with a hand on Mikoto’s shoulder.

Mikoto smiled back and made a mental note.

I’ll tell her the truth, someday.