Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[Spring 2017] Tsuki ga Kirei

The miracle of first love


This is a standard middle school romance of a guy named Kotarou (a writer in literature club) and a girl Akane (a short distance runner in track and field club) of how they saw and fell in love with each other.

This story depicts the details of how people interact, act and overcome obstacles of being in a relationship. From a standard point of texting each other to having rivals and confessions by another guy and girl, watch this couple fight yet another trial as Akane’s father gets transferred.

Will the rivalries win? Will the distance separate them apart?

Recommended for anyone that is just looking for a classical romance of first love. Have a cup of tea as you reminisced how you fell in love the first time in your life. In this story, having your first love as the first mutual relationship is a classic miracle in life. Cheers to that!