Anime/Drama/Movie Review

[Summer 2001] Spirited Away

It felt like nothing happened, but I knew it did.—–The purple hairband


Chihiro, the main protagonist that happens to move to another place following her parents was found to be trapped in a ghost-like town after night fall. As she struggles to  survive in that world with a little help from Haku (the male character that can turn into a dragon), witness Chihiro’s growth from losing her name to become Sen into a proper working staff under Yubaba. A little crybaby like her with her parents turned into pigs, Chihiro must find a way to return to her own world.

This felt like a growing-up / adolescent movie that teaches us the different attitude and ways of the society if you read deep into the characters. For a starter, just enjoy the magical experience from Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli. I hope this could show you the excitement and entertainment that many of us shared as a hobby. Cheers!

Recommended for all walks of life and be impressed by the unique God and Spirits in this movie~